03 Jul, 2018

From Nationwide To Amazon, Tech Execs Are In The Spotlight


Major enterprises are only as good as the executives who act as internal forces, implementing skills and practices in order to make sure things run smoothly.

As most industries go, there are always constant changes that happen within large companies. In just this year alone, we have seen huge changes among powerful tech companies when it comes to executives transitioning, leaving, and moving onto different companies.

What makes this different than most industries?

Tech Execs Are In The Spotlight

Since tech is growing so much, executives who specialize in tech skills are being sought after more than ever before. This contributes to the massive changes that are seen among major enterprises, like GE, or Nationwide.

If something happens to an Amazon exec, for example, the world knows about it because, well, it does actually affect the world. Since Amazon has such a large influence on industries like retail, and even healthcare, consumers want to know whos in charge of the major decisions that could affect them.

Amazon Has Changed…

In May, Jim Freeman, VP of the tool that took the world by storm, Alexa, decided to leave the company, CNBC reported that he was asked to stay. This story covered Amazon’s loss of Jim Freeman, but also the additional loss of executives from Amazon. In just 10 months, Amazon lost 10 major executives.

“Freeman’s departure is part of a recent wave of executive departures at Amazon. Even as Amazon enjoys unprecedented success and record-level stock prices, some of its senior executives are opting to leave.CNBC reports.

This sparked a backlash from Amazon, who released a statement confirming that Amazon is not suffering from an “executive retentive issue”, but in fact, Amazon is a sought after place to work.

“For 20 years it’s been the case that a handful of executives have come and gone — for personal or professional reasons — and that’s true at any company. What’s unique about Amazon is that many come back — we call them ‘boomerangs’” CNBC reports.

So, what makes causes ‘boomerangs’ to appear, disappear, then reappear in a company?

Exec “Boomerangs” Uncovered

The idea that executive boomerangs are seen more and more in the tech landscape, has a lot to do with executives receiving better job offers, with more flexibility, or even more pay.

It is no secret that tech jobs are high-pressure jobs. When you work for a company like Amazon, that is growing rapidly, the pressure is on, for everyone internally, and even more so for executives. CNBC continued to report on this matter, revealing the inside scoop about Amazon’s work culture.

“Jim Herd, managing partner at the Seattle-based executive recruiting firm Herd Freed Hartz, said Amazon could be a tough place to be for a long time, as its work culture tends to be more fast-paced and high-pressure than some of its peers.” CNBC reports.

Technology & CIOs: A Strong Force

Since tech executives have such a strong influence on enterprises, CIOs are being sought after. Just this week, news broke that General Electric CIO Jim Fowler is leaving to be the CIO of Nationwide, in order to deliver a more modern IT model than what Nationwide has set in motion now.

After being a key influencer in GEs advancement to the cloud, Jim Fowler will now take his skills to Nationwide.

“Fowler was key in driving GE’s advancement of the industrial cloud, using the internal organization as a proving ground for the company’s commercial technology. In 2017, Fowler said he used the Predix platform to improve productivity by $700 million.” CIO Dive reports.

Tech executives have a big responsibility when it comes to implementing technology and other processes in enterprises, from big to small. The changes that occur in this industry will continue to evolve, as long as the technology is growing.

All we are left to do is watch the changes uncover.


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