Our Weekly News Roundup including Dove, Peace Tea, Microsoft, Amazon and more…


How are we already heading into the last weekend in June? Time sure has been flying, but here at Millennium, we’ve been working hards towards our next assembly in August. Before we all head to the beach for the heatwave this weekend, let’s take a look at top stories this week in retail, marketing, healthcare, security and enterprise.



The sandwich company launched a three-day campaign using unique subliminal messaging. Subway featured “bite-size ads” along different social media platforms as well as live TV events including the World Cup. They projected images of sub sandwiches in Chicago and used 3D art to show giant meatball subs crashing into the streets. Even a sand artist in San Diego created a 12 foot sandwich out of sand. All of the taglines in these campaigns included, “Feed your subconscious.”


You’ll be seeing the watermark, “No Digital Distortion Mark” on a lot more Dove products. This phrase will let consumers know when an image in their ad has not been digitally altered. The campaign will start next month but by 2019, Dove will include this in all ads across print, digital and social media channels.

Peace Tea

The Coca-Cola brand is getting more involved in influencer marketing. The Peace Tea{m} uses #ChoosePeace on their social posts and it will encourage “Randomer Random Acts of Kindness.” The influencers will share their own acts of kindness and for every like on Facebook/Instagram, the company will donate $1 to RandomActs.org. For each comment on a post, the company will donate $2. With about 20 people on the Peace Tea{m}, they will reach out to an audience of over 5.3 million people.



On Thursday, we learned of a merger agreement between Amazon and online pharmacy, PillPack. The company focuses on delivering pre-sorted medication to people who have multiple medications to take per day. The deal should close during the second half of the year. The merger was announced a week after CVS Health said they’d be expanding their delivery platform nationwide.


Soon we’ll see a new unit of Microsoft called Microsoft Healthcare. This will be apart of the company’s Healthcare NExT Initiative which launched last year. It will advance AI and cloud-based healthcare tools by focusing more on strategic partnerships and strategy.

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

The nonprofit company covers 45 million Americans and is soon to partner with Remedy Partners to create bundled payment programs. They want to build a national platform of episode-based payment programs. The coalition wants to use Remedy Partners’ knowledge on bundled payments. The overall goal is for employers to replicate risk-based arrangements.

Security & Enterprise


The new iOS 12 update has a new security code autofill feature which is supposed to improve usability of two-factor authentication. But this could also expose online banking information by getting rid of the signing/authentication process. Apple said they would be removing the OTP (One Time Password) code and instead, this step will be automated. The user will single tap to enter in the security code automatically. It’s supposed to speed up the login process and reduce errors, but will definitely not be secure.

Ticketmaster UK

Late last week, the company learned that customers may be at risk for identity theft and credit card fraud because of a data breach. It affects anyone who bought a ticket from February 2018 to June 23, 2018. This may not be so good for Ticketmaster as they should have told people about the breach sooner. They first found about this in April.


Home Depot

Lockers will soon be installed in Home Depot stores for pickup of online orders. Online shopping at Home Depot adds up to more than $11 billion a year. The lockers were first tested in 2016 and were officially started up a year later. Within the next few years, all stores will have this option. The locker options include three different sizes and will allow for a simpler pick up process.

Bergdorf Goodman

Darcy Penick is leaving Shopbop (owned by Amazon) and returning as president of Bergdorf. She’ll manage brands on and offline as well as two flagship stores in Manhattan. She’ll report directly to Neiman Marcus CEO. Penick started her career at Neiman Marcus Group 18 years ago and later became CEO of Shopbop.

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