19 Jun, 2018

CVS Continues To Expand Same-Day Delivery For Drug Prescriptions


CVS is trying to win over the hearts of customers, especially those who tend to favor Amazon when it comes to the drugstore space. Their next venture? Drug delivery.

It is no surprise that convenience is something customers favor when it comes to healthcare, retail, you name it. Professionals from a variety of industries are constantly trying to conquer this fact, with new, innovative tools that make the lives of customers, well, easier. Convenience is key, and CVS is catching on.

Now that CVS is also competing with Amazon when it comes to healthcare, the major drugstore is trying to reinvent the systems that are already put into place, which are pretty convenient as is.

“Customers in most markets where CVS’ nearly 10,000 stores are located will be able to receive their orders either one or two days after placing them. Some customers in urban markets will be able to receive orders the same day.” CNBC reports.

A Match Perfect For Convenience

If you combine CVS, your prescription, and delivery, it seems like a match made in heaven. After all, it will allow customers to receive their medical care on an ASAP basis, which can be a huge deciding factor for many people deciding where to send their prescription to.

Since Amazon has been a new force in the healthcare industry, natives like CVS are learning that innovation is key when it comes to targeting a new demographic brought on by new services, such as Amazon’s two day-shipping of prescription drugs.

“The rollout of delivery from nearly all of our 9,800 retail pharmacy locations nationwide represents another step forward for us in delivering innovative omnichannel solutions that help people on their path to better health,” CVS Pharmacy’s president, Kevin Hourican, said in a statement.” CNBC reports.

Customers Pay The Price

So, the question emerges, will patients be content with waiting for prescriptions, out of sheer habit? Or, will they bite the bait that CVS is offering, out of the desire for convenience? There may be one deciding factor to all of this… the cost of services.

“Patients hoping to use CVS’ delivery will need to be patient and pay for the convenience. To have their orders filled and delivered in one or two days, CVS will charge $4.99. For same-day delivery, the company will charge $8.99.”CNBC reports.

Customers will be able to place orders online, through CVS’ mobile app, and can even add different medicine like over-the-counter products, such as cold and flu medicine, followed by a same-day delivery. This tool has been rolled out in New York City last year, and due to success, is expanding to Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, San Fransisco and Washington D.C.

This approach will most likely result in the decline of foot traffic into brick and mortar CVS stores, instead, buy all goods online, which can even result in saving money.

Only time will tell if this tool will expand even further, and CVS customers will be the deciding factor.


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