31 May, 2018

Percolate Tackles Understanding and Solving Content Bottlenecking in Latest Whitepaper


For most marketers, there’s more content to produce every year to keep up with the demands of the consumer. In an organization, the content bottleneck occurs when the demand for content within your marketing organizations and the ability to deliver on that demand is unequal, creating an inevitable outcome gap.

In Percolate’s latest whitepaper, the leading content marketing platform answers what that exactly means, how it happened and what marketers should do to prepare for 2020 in the sphere of content marketing.

Will Content Become Marketing’s Biggest Bottleneck?

Percolate believes so. According to their whitepaper, the bottleneck gap exists because the resources a company has and the content you need in order to meet customer demands.

By identifying that gap, it is understood that the content bottleneck can take three forms:

  • Quantity: “We need more content.”
  • Quality: “We need better content.”
  • Coordination: “We need to take better advantage of the content we already have.”

So, how did that happen? Percolate focuses on the history of the content bottleneck in order to better understand the shift in how content became marketing’s biggest bottleneck in their latest whitepaper. Click here to see the pivotal moments in history that caused this shift.

“In 2020, content will become marketing’s biggest bottleneck.” – Gartner, “Content Marketing and Management Primer for 2018” reports.

Preparing for Content 2020

2020 is on the horizon, so what should marketers do? Percolate answers the looming question in their latest whitepaper.

As content marketers already know, It’s imperative that marketers focus their attention on constraints that limit new content and their delivery. With a bottleneck having the potential to constrain the performance of downstream processes and systems, Percolate breaks down dealing with them in 5 steps:

  1. Identity
  2. Optimize
  3. Support
  4. Elevate
  5. Iterate

(See a description of each step here).

By introducing a host of important ideas about managing production processes, the ability to deal with bottlenecks will be much easier for businesses to handle and overcome by 2020. Percolate provides the necessary steps and information to do just that in their whitepaper.

As we know, those who do not learn from history will not be successful in the future. In their new whitepaper, Percolate prepares you to learn from history, identify the problem, and take the necessary steps to finding a solution to handle content bottlenecks the best way possible as soon as possible.

If you are wondering how you should apply the steps to content success to your own organization, do not miss out on Percolate’s new whitepaper The Content Bottleneck: A Guide to Understanding and Solving Content Marketing’s Biggest Constraint.


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