30 May, 2018

Convey Health Solutions Commits to Streamline Medicare with Purpose-Built Technology Platforms in Latest Whitepaper


Medicare enrollment is often difficult for customers. Delivering a system that enables customers to enroll in Medicare without encountering issues and areas of concern is imperative for the healthcare industry to adapt considering the digital takeover that is currently affecting how businesses operate and interact with their customers. Implementing a platform that can better serve health plans and their customers is something healthcare payers should explore in order to empower customers to easily take charge of their Medicare enrollment.

Convey Health Solutions evaluates this ideology to explore a single user-friendly platform in their latest whitepaper.

Issues in Medicare Enrollment Brings Opportunity

Convey Health Solutions reports on a Sherlock Company analysis that large Medicare Advantage carriers invested a median of $11.25 per member per month in marketing in 2015, and spent a median of $17.44 on account and membership administration. With the amount carriers are investing and spending on operations, payers are continually seeking ways to lessen the confusion and frustration from seniors looking to enroll in Medicare to help them with retention and loyalty.

Looking to reduce problems that occur during this process, Convey Health Solutions aims to bring to light the common “pain points” of Medicare enrollment that include intake, eligibility verification, enrollment acceptance and validation, and benefit activation and notification in their whitepaper by introducing the user-friendly platform Miramar.

What is Miramar?

As a purpose-built, enterprise Medicare enrollment and billing platform, Miramar includes dynamic flow and highly advanced work queue features, automated alerts, and reconciliation rates that exceed traditional software vendors.

The single platform is designed specifically for Medicare Advantage with capabilities to support the full enrollment lifecycle, offering a better way to deliver a return on your plan’s marketing investment. With this fully integrated, modular solution that the plans can scale up or down to fit their needs, steps are consolidated and functions are simplified.

What It Means for Medicare

In Convey Health Solutions’ latest whitepaper, you will find the situation, the problem, and the solution to minimizing the possibility that eligible applicants will be rejected and handle reinstatements with ease.

With an intuitive, compliant, and end-to-end system, the solutions for a better consumer experience, improved market share, and fewer administrative burdens are on the horizon.

If you want to bring a simpler solution to Medicare enrollment this year, do not miss out on Convey Health Solutions’ whitepaper.


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