29 May, 2018

ForgeRock Investigates Trusted Digital Relationships with Customer Identity and Access Management in New Whitepaper


The way organizations approach identity and access management is currently under rapid transformation more than ever before. Delivering trusted digital relationships that improve the personalized customer experience and drive greater value is required in building identity, which ultimately stimulates digital growth in a business.

Forgerock explores this concept in their latest whitepaper. 

What Defines Identity?

Identity is what makes a business a business. An identity is not only the manner in which a business presents themselves to the public, customers, partners as well as employees, it is a fundamental requirement for digital growth. According to ForgeRock, “businesses and organizations cannot properly take advantage of mobile,
cloud, or internet of things (IoT) technologies without a scalable and repeatable digital identity strategy.” Without a digital identity, a business is unable to identify, engage, and build meaningful relationships with their customers, something which is vitally important for successful growth.

In order to address the importance of establishing a digital identity, ForgeRock asks nine essential questions a business must ask themselves in their latest whitepaper.

1. What is Identity Access Management (IAM)?

Put simply, identity and access management, or IAM, in an enterprise is about defining and managing the roles and access privileges of individual network users and the circumstances in which users are granted or denied those privileges. It answers the questions: Who or what are you, and what can you or it do online?

2. What is Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)?

Customer identity and access management, or CIAM, enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, and control customer access to applications and services.

Nowadays, businesses are realizing that the ability to manage the digital identities of every customer and every prospect is fundamental to their success. Since CIAM is built for flexibility, scale, and the internet of things, it delivers unique capabilities that a business can take advantage of in order to provide improved services to their customers.

(To view the full list of CIAM capabilities, click here)

3. How is CIAM Strategic to Your Organization?

CIAM is strategic to an organization because it allows businesses to rapidly identity-enable new cloud, mobile, and IoT services in order to offer a more effective and seamless customer experience across all applications. It does this by:

  • Using identity to get to know your customer
  • Implementing a common identity platform companywide in order to share valuable data across the entire organization
  • Taking advantage of its flexible architecture, which facilitates repeatable business processes, accommodates millions of users and devices, and reduces typical deployment times

4. How Does CIAM Accelerate Time-To-Market?

Since CIAM is designed as a customer-facing driver of business value, platforms must cater to speed and developer ease-of-use to match the pace of customer demands, which are constantly changing.

“It’s essential to have a common identity platform with a single API for developers to implement identity services at scale. It must offer repeatable processes that are easy for developers to consume, ensuring reliability, train-ability, and agility.” ForgeRock describing the key takeaway of CIAM in time-to-market.

5. How does CIAM provide stronger security?

To protect identities, ForgeRock recommends that a business implement a multi-layered security model, of which CIAM is an integral part. Since CIAM uses contextual clues to decide whether to give access and how much, it provides an extra layer of security that a static approach does not provide when protecting the customer. CIAM is so powerful because it looks at real-time information to make secure access decisions to protect your most important assets.

6. How Does CIAM Improve Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is becoming the driving force behind revenue and growth, which is why customer experience is now a board-level discussion. This is where a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform becomes essential. CIAM platforms allow marketers to understand and engage customers and equips IT with a scalable platform that is ready to meet the demands of customers.

“Your CIAM platform must support dynamic decision-making based on real-time context. Static approaches to evaluating access and authorization policies limits your ability to properly protect your most important asset—the customer.” ForgeRock’s key takeaway for improving customer engagement with CIAM.

(To view a sampling of examples of CIAM in customer engagement, click here)

7. How Does CIAM Support Privacy?

CIAM was designed from the ground up for large-scale, consumer-facing deployments. Due to this, a good CIAM platform can help businesses follow the new GDPR regulations that are hitting the United States in the coming days. Along with this, it can also ensure that customers never have to wonder whether their data is being shared and give them direct control over who gets access to what data and when.

8. Can CIAM Support Large-Scale Populations?

As previously mentioned, CIAM was designed for large-scale populations and deployments. Since CIAM is built to accommodate customers, it is its nature to handle a high-volume, high-traffic platform.

9. What’s the Best Way to Evaluate an CIAM Solution?

In order to evaluate a potential CIAM solution effectively, you should make sure it meets the requirements listed here.

In overview, ForgeRock’s latest whitepaper is designed to explain the fundamentals of digital identity and how it helps you build relationships with your customers. If you are wondering how to implement IAM and CIAM into your business strategy, ForgeRock helps with just that.

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