25 May, 2018

Convey Health Solutions Focuses On Monitoring Innovations In Healthcare And Beyond


With our Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly rapidly approaching, Digital Diary sat down with Convey Health to gain insight into the healthcare world, especially how technology is changing the relationship between healthcare partnerships, as well as what the future holds for Convey.

Thanks, Convey for sharing such valuable information!

With constantly changing and evolving regulations in healthcare, how are you preparing yourself to navigate the uncertain future of health policy and changes government-sponsored health plans?

Since the inception of our organization, we have maintained a relatively extensive Compliance and Quality organization, led by our Chief Compliance Officer, which is responsible for the continuous monitoring of State and Federal healthcare regulations.  Through the years, we have continuously evolved this process into a best practice so that as the regulations are generated our team at Convey immediately begins the process of interpretation, then incorporating into our Learning & Development organization and our respective trainers and managers who are responsible for communicating these regulatory impacts associated with their day-to-day activities.  In addition, our Compliance team will provide the regulatory interpretations to our IT organization in order to assess our technology and determine a course of action in order to sufficiently and successfully enable the technology to perform. Overall, Convey works closely with our subsidiary firm Gorman Health Group, a leading advisory firm that provides subject matter expertise in government programs to guide our interpretations.

How are emerging technologies, new business models and core capabilities affecting Convey, and how is this new role of digital technology impacting your relationship with your members?

Convey is focused on better serving the fast-growing Medicare population.  This population, as reported by such leading organizations as the Pew Research Center, tends to have lower rates of adoption of technology.  However, this trend has been improving year over year as the baby boomers begin to age in. As a result, Convey has begun to focus on innovations in such areas as the internet of things (IoT) to address how this population can more easily interact with health plans and their services.  One area of focus for us is on our OTC benefit administration services. We have begun developing solutions to improve the way seniors can order over-the-counter products and drugs through common devices like virtual assistant technology (e.g., Amazon Alex, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.).  Today, the process for ordering OTC products can occur online, by mail, or by contacting one of our call centers. However, through virtual assistant technology orders can be as simple as sitting in your favorite chair at home and telling your virtual assistant to order a certain product. The virtual assistant will confirm the order as well as providing information to the member on their available balance and status of the order.  Mashup, which combines a variety of technologies, will continue to evolve in the healthcare industry and Convey continues to monitor these innovations in order to determine the most effective approach to their use for the senior population.  

Developing technology to exceed expectations is important in healthcare, especially now that we are in 2018. What do disruptive forces in IT such as A.I. you think are creating better, faster and more efficient solutions for your clients?

Convey is constantly monitoring innovative technology, such as virtual assistant technology, A.I., and blockchain to determine their applicability and effectiveness for use within and outside of Miramar, Convey’s enterprise technology platform for Medicare administrative services.  We’ve introduced Project 2020 to address incorporating some of these technologies into our solutions in order to improve the overall member experience. Improving the member experience for the Medicare population includes consideration of the practicality of the innovative technologies.  The long pole in the tent is being able to embed these technologies into our solutions without complicating the delivery of services to the health plan or the day-to-day operations of a health plan. Our health plan customers are equally driven towards understanding how solutions like what Convey provides will help with their ability to serve the Medicare population, but how these innovative solutions are used won’t disrupt or complicate their operations.  As Convey embarks on Project 2020 we give equal weight to both improving the member experience and reducing the impact on the health plan’s operations.

By specializing in government health programs, what are you doing to explore new models and partnerships that focus on patient needs within Medicare and Medicaid?

At Convey, we are not looking at providing parity to solutions that already exist or are being used by our health plan clients today.  Rather, we’re evaluating where the Medicare market is trending and directionally assessing ways to better serve tomorrow’s Medicare population.  Government health programs are the most regulated and the most complex, yet serve the neediest population, who struggle with the most fundamental and basic levels of communication.  The collision of a highly complex/highly regulated industry with the most socio-economically challenged population is a problem unto itself.  Convey continues to strengthen our ability to better interact with the Medicare population on behalf of our health plan clients through purpose-built solutions and services.  Through our recent acquisition of the Gorman Health Group, we are extending our service offerings through subject matter expertise in government programs in order to ultimately improve the operational models for these health plans.  The marriage of Convey’s solutions that touch the Medicare member and Gorman Health Group, which touches the health plan we believe can bring closer together ways of strengthening the chasm between the member, health plan, and government regulations.  

We’re excited that Convey Health attending the Assembly this June. Can you give our readers a hint as to what you’ll be showcasing?

Convey will highlight Miramar along with our end-to-end OTC benefit administration program.

What are the benefits of attending an intimate C-Level event like ours?

Convey is seeking a better atmosphere in which to communicate on our solutions and services.

You can meet Convey Health at our Healthcare Payers Transformation Assembly. Follow along using #MillenniumLive.


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