Our Weekly News Roundup Featuring Amazon, Google, Nike And More…


TGIF! It is Friday again, and before you sign off and kick off your weekend, let us deliver you with the latest news stories that have made an impact throughout all leading industries. There have been tons of leading news stories that have disrupted the industries we work so closely around.

Whether you are in marketing, retail, security or healthcare, we have the week’s recap for you!


Two Peas in a Pod: Amazon & Best Buy

Amazon and Best Buy solidified their relationship this week with the announcement that they are teaming up to sell Amazon’s new Fire TV Edition smart TVs in the United States beginning this summer, generating a big opportunity for both retailers as they both take their business relationship to the next level.

Just Quit It? Nike Loses its Second Executive in Two Days

This Wednesday, Nike announced that Greg Thompson, Vice President of Footwear, left the company, only one day after Nike’s head of inclusion and diversity, Antoine Andrews, announced he left the retail powerhouse. These announcements come at a time when the company’s corporate culture and conduct are coming under fire in the wake of misconduct allegations from high-level executives.


The Power of Google: The Global Company Takes Aim at AI and Disease Management

According to a new CB Insights analysis, Alphabet, using Google, is casting a wide net over healthcare, from reducing the spread of infectious diseases to diabetes management. Google is also positioning itself as a leading AI company in the healthcare environment, with Google’s DeepMind already exploring the use of AI to improve radiotherapy mapping for head and neck cancers in patients in the UK.

The Rise of Telehealth

The use of telehealth and telecommunication with physicians in real time have been referenced in high regards as a means to completely revamp the healthcare industry. However, questions around clear usage and ROI remain unanswered, leading to further research into how to treat it as an important tool in the broader continuum of value-based care. Find out more about telehealth here.


Like or Unlike? The New Rules and Regulations of Facebook

In order to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to the company’s blog post posted earlier this week, Facebook will begin asking users to review information about how it uses their data and how they give the platform permission to target ads and use technology tools like facial recognition in order to improve privacy and transparency on the platform amid fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

All Across the USA: Brand USA teams with Spotify to Showcase US destinations through Local Playlists

The US destination-marketing organization Brand USA is launching a new integrated marketing campaign “Hear the Music, Experience the USA,” which uses the power of music to promote international and domestic travel to the United States. Partnering with Spotify, five emerging artists from across the country interpret Bobby Freeman’s track “Do You Wanna Dance?” using different musical genres to showcase the different regions of the US to people looking to visit North America this year.

Security & Enterprise

LinkedIn Fixes Hushed User Data Leak Bug

LinkedIn has quietly patched a vulnerability which could have allowed malicious third parties to steal users personal data. The security flaw revolves around the business networking platform’s AutoFill button, which allows third-party sites to autofill information including users’ name, email address, phone number, location, and job, but has since been fixed in light of data being stolen from users across the world.

New iOS Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hack iPhone, iPad

Syncing iTunes across devices via Wi-Fi is very popular and convenient for customers, but newly discovered attack scenarios could put numerous iOS devices at risk. Named “Trustjacking,” the security breach exploits the trust of victims that are on an iOS device, particularly an iPhone. The attackers leverage the trust that users have in the security of their own devices in order to take control of the device that is rooted in the design of the “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync”, allowing attackers to compromise devices.


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