16 Apr, 2018

“With Visual Dialogue Marketing, The Prospect And Customer Sell Themselves.” Gary Spirer Shares Marketing Insights In Latest Interview


Our Transformational CMO Assembly is this week on May 19-20 at The Hutton Hotel in Nashville! As we prepare for the event, we are delighted to sit down with Gary Spirer, CEO of DilogR, an interactive dialogue marketing platform, helping marketers create engaging content.

Thank you, Gary, for sharing such insightful information with us!

In the constantly changing customer landscape that marketers face today, what do you think is the most important thing for brands to think about while trying to engage an audience?

Engagement in the digital world should be just as if you are having a real-world conversation one-on-one with the right person at the right time.

How crucial do you think it is for marketers and brands to be as complex as possible, using many different platforms to target an audience?

The idea behind innovation is to simplify the complex and deliver more of your time, money, and resources at a quicker pace.We simplified the complexity of using many different platforms by offering one platform with a suite of tools that enhances and leverages your existing marketing assets.You only need to learn one system to create and/or re-purpose existing content; engage your target audience, segment, personalize and tailor offers one-on-one at scale. We also test numerous marketing messages to reduce ad spend and store, host and manage rich media content. On top of that, we integrate with DropBox, CRMs, MAPs, channels and other platforms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. We capture unique customer data based on their feedback and responses – all in real time on any device anywhere.

What are the common challenges that you see marketers face while integrating visual dialogue marketing into business strategies?

The common challenges:

Many marketers lack the context of where and why visual dialogue or conversational marketing should fit in their strategies and tactics for successful campaigns. From a very basic level, most marketers think in terms of pages – websites, blogs, landing pages and social media pages. Next, they create static content on the pages such as adding some images, text or a video. As a result, their prospects and customers have no way of interacting and giving marketers instant feedback as to what they want now. In turn, marketing and sales lose the immediate opportunity to respond and create an engaging relevant customer experience.

Facebook and Google only give you general interests and intent respectively. But, when marketers become prospects and customers, they prioritize what is useful and relevant to them now. They want demand, the same engaging, fun, give and take experiences like a two-way conversation their prospects and customers want. Amazon is built on the idea of obsessive customer focus.  Every marketer claims they are customer focused. But survey after survey from customers show marketers fail to deliver like Amazon and their own competitors. Amazon gives excellent value at great prices.

They give you feedback on what others’ say via reviews and related products they purchased. They deliver what you want as soon as possible. Most marketing is not structured like Amazon where every interaction is a dynamic micro-moment conversation at every touch point in the customer value journey. Instant customer feedback and response is the common challenge.

Once this context is understood, the next challenge is how to create visual dialogues or two-way conversations quickly that convert. Many marketers don’t realize polls, quizzes, assessments, and surveys can be transformed into conversational content. Even more powerful is that you can overlay your polls, quizzes, assessments and surveys onto your existing and dead content like videos, images slides. You can create engaging interactive content in minutes with themes and templates. Then you get embed code and can embed your interactive content onto your pages so you can build relationships, get leads, promote sales, retention and increase sharing and WOM.

The biggest challenge is high growth and ROI. With visual dialogue marketing, the prospect and customer sell themselves. You ask questions and they answer what they want. You are their adviser and they collaborate with you to tailor the offer they want. As a result, dwell time increases; bounce rates decrease. The experience is like a visual IVR. You can embed dynamic content on 10,000 sites and interact with each person one-on-one at scale on autopilot. The data you capture is unique personal data that big data needs to be updated and validated.

This microdata is critical for marketers to get the messaging and offers right. In the end, it has to be a fun experience. People love brand stories and conversations and games and rewards.  Quizzes, polls, and assessments inherently embody engaging fun experiences.

What trends within the industry are you interested in and why? How are these trends impacting the way you help companies hit their business goals in 2018?

Mobile is Different From Desktop Marketing

The world is shifting to mobile micro-moment interactions or conversations one-on-one. How you engage on mobile is different than desktop. But marketers try to execute mobile marketing through the desktop lens and fail. Mobile marketing is a much smaller screen with instant engagement with fast load speeds or prospects and customers are gone.

Micro-moment conversations are designed for the Millennials and the mobile screens.

Brand Storytelling is a Conversation

Brands want to tell stories. We help brands tell stories through conversations and conversations arise from stories. We show brands how to create with their customers this engaging virtuous story-conversation-story circle that converts in seconds.

We show brands how mobile-micro-moment conversations allow them to micro-target and micro-segment their audience by creating personalization one-on-one at scale.

Content Marketing is Not The Answer

Every brand wants to stand out build engaging ongoing relationships and profit above the noise. Smart marketers are realizing that content marketing in its current form is not the answer alone. Content marketing suffers from a firehose of content creation. We are all overwhelmed with content.

Marketers are asking the prospect to sift through tons of unengaging content and figure out what is relevant to them. We help brands to realize that interactive conversational content engages and propels customers to what they want right now.

Build Instant Trust and Goodwill First

We create private one-on-one conversations that build instant trust because the brand asks and listens first. Then responds with their solutions in the form of their products and services.

Time is The Enemy

No one has the time. For this reason, marketers must turn to interactive content. But, a certain type of interactive content – micro-moment conversational content. We help marketers create and re-purpose their existing content into micro-conversations in minutes. We overcome the perception that engaging content creation takes too long and is too expensive.

Big Data is Not the Answer

Marketers are told that big data and AI will curate the content for their prospects and customers and save them from content overwhelm and saturation. Big data is all the rage. But, without real-time microdata from real-time engagement and interactions, big data is dumb.

If you are a meat eater and change to a vegetarian, big data Watson and AI does not know that. AI is not a mind reader. Watson and AI will keep sending you Omaha Steaks. Interactive dynamic content captures the critical real-time micro-data and feeds it to AI so it is updated validated and smart.

Voice IoTs

We see voice-activated Q & A creation and integration with IoTs in the next year and integration with AR and VR.

Blockchain Conversations One-on-One: The Next Big Thing

We see the automated conversations at scale integrated with the decentralized blockchain ledgers. For example, companies may want content to be delivered in the form of a private automated one-on-one conversation before and after the transaction(s). We are working to help brands create these private one-on-one automated conversations related to blockchain as it gets adopted in different areas of companies including marketing and sales.

Marketing is No Longer Marketing

Every touch point across brands – the full customer experience – will need the marketer’s eye and ability to engage. We help brands make marketing, advertising, PR, sales, training/education, support and hiring to become one ongoing conversation.

We’re excited that DilogR is attending our Transformational CMO Assembly! Can you give our readers a hint as to what you’ll be showcasing?

Patented “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Marketing and Sales  

We will be showing our patented “choose your own adventure” video branching technology. You can create micro-moment conversations at scale as if you were sitting across from a customer and asking them what they want. Depending on their answers to questions posed while watching videos, you can take them in real time down different paths.

You track all the microdata for actionable insights.

One Platform: Q & A Engine + CTAs and More + High ROI Results

You will see how DilogR’s Q & A engine + call-to-actions, quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments and more can transform your content and communications into micro-moment conversations at every touchpoint and interaction across your entire organization. You will see how customers achieve 2x to 1,800x  to 1 returns in weeks and the stats to prove it.

Gary will be at our Transformational CMO Assembly! Follow our live assembly coverage on Twitter, using #MillenniumLive


The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between individual consumers and brands. This need to think “customer first” has made the marketing function more vital than ever before.

C-Level executives around the world are anticipating that digital technology will continue to drive business. For April 19-20, 2018, at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN., we’re putting together a series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, collaborative think tanks, educational workshops, and networking sessions with our industry experts and advisory board.

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