09 Apr, 2018

Here’s A Glimpse Into Our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day New York


Happy Monday! We are back in the office after our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day New York, still buzzing with excitement about the success of our first ever one-day event.

During our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day at the Convene in Midtown, we were met with an abundance of insights from our esteemed attendees through a series of roundtables, workshops and Keynote panels. It was a jam-packed day and everyone who attended walked away with new knowledge (even us!)

Informative Keynote Speakers

Over the course of Digital Enterprise Transformation Day New York, we were joined by executives who are experts in the IT scope. These experts were able to share valuable insight with our attendees. Our Keynote Speakers were among these experts that made this event so great.

We were joined by LaVerne Council, National Managing Principal for Enterprise Digital Strategy and Innovation at Grant Thornton LLP, Miguel Gamino, Chief Technology Officer of New York City, and Charles Nardi, CEO of Zudy. Among the insights that were shared by LaVerne, Miguel, and Charles, were their own personal career stories, how they reached the point in their career that they find themselves in now, and what the future of tech looks like from their perspective.

LaVerne addressed the room full of IT executives as our first speaker at 8 AM. Her charismatic personality and interesting take on the modern technology landscape grabbed everyone’s attention. The main focus of the presentation was to tackle the issue of trust in the workplace of IT and beyond.

“The thing people don’t talk about is the lack of trust between the employee and the employer.” – LaVerne Council 

“The greater goal is to benefit from what technology has givenus.” – LaVerne Council

After LaVerne presented, we were joined by Charles Nardi, CEO of Zudy Software. Charles greeted the crowd with an informative presentation discussing data and how to deliver technology without limitations. Charles offered our attendees with first-hand insights about how to use time, cost and resources in order to achieve a full potential in the tech scope, and how important it ultimately is to embrace digital transformation, or you will risk “disappearing.”

“If you’re open-minded you can get people to change.” – Charles Nardi, Zudy

“What is important is not what language you know – but what business you know. Being able to deliver technology without tying it to one thing. Build without limitations.” – Charles Nardi, Zudy       

Miguel Gamino joined us during our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day for an informative Keynote Q+A during the lunchtime slot. The insights that Mr. Gamino shared included his love for New York City, the advancements that this great city has made when it comes to tech, and what is in store for the future (which is pretty bright.)

Miguel discussed his career, what motivates him today and what he feels are his priorities for the tech landscape in NYC.

“My desire is to create an empathic relationship between the government and startup community.” – Miguel Gamino 

The last Keynote Panel of the day was well worth the wait. We were joined by Eric Hanselman from 451 Research to moderate a discussion between Romain Apert, CIO of Mars Wrigley Confectionary, and Kush Saxena, CTO of Markets & Transportation of Mastercard. Both panelists expressed their passion for innovation and provided our attendees with first-hand insight into the truth about the challenges IT professionals face in the tech industry and how to overcome them based on their personal experiences.

Both Kush and Romain offered a realistic and blunt approach to the existing issues that us as a society face when it comes to data. Their opinions were refreshing and brought a unique energy to our assembly. These point of views were guided and driven by Eric Hanselman, who proved to be an expert at moderating.

“There will always be limitations to absolutely trust intelligence coming out of data.” – Kush Saxena, Mastercard

“We trust the results in order to act on them – which presents an equal set of challenges.” – Eric Hanselman, 451 Research 

“The world is shifting. And the only way to learn about how it is shifting is to use leverage the data we already have.” – Romain Apert, Mars Wrigley Confectionary

Workshops, Workshops, And More Workshops…

Digital Enterprise Day New York was made up of our famous workshop sessions that were divided into two different tracks, providing attendees with a wide variety of topics to choose from. These sessions were 30 minutes in length and gave our members a chance to gain new perspectives and insights from many different leaders.

From blockchain to A.I., and DevOps, our workshops were the perfect chance to sit back, listen, and gain new knowledge.

Among the workshops that were presented during our assembly, a few topics stood out to our attendees, like the rise of artificial intelligence, the age of the empowered customer, and bridging the gap between DevOps development and operation. Among the 10 workshop sessions, we were joined by Melissa Schilling, from NYU Stern of Business, Frederic Veron from Deutsche Bank, Vipin Kasarla from CIT Group, Laird Popkin from Hearst Transportation, and many more. These sessions were made possible through our great partnership relationships with 451 Research, NYU School of Business, our Advisory Board and other esteemed organizations that work with us as sponsors.

“Innovation requires a boldness of spirit.” – Melissa Schilling, NYU School of Business

“You have to show people the future, and then they believe in it and then they want it.” – Laird Popkin, Hearst Transportation

“Technology doesn’t disrupt anything, it’s the business model.” – Vipin Kasarla, CIT Group

Our App Is Now Live!

During our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day New York, we went live with our brand new Millennium Alliance app via the Apple Store or Google Play! Our app made it possible for executives to seamlessly navigate around the assembly by exploring their own personal agenda schedules with a click of a button.

By downloading the app, attendees also received exclusive updates about the event, including social media updates and any changes in their schedule. It put all of our information in one digitally accessible space, which provided everyone at the assembly to be connected in a whole new way.

All in all, our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day was a success! We gained knowledge, walked away with new relationships and made an impact on all of our attendees. We can’t wait for the next event!

Thank you to all of our thought leaders, sponsors, attendees, for providing us with exclusive educational insights and conversation.

To see the live tweets of this event, use #MillenniumLive and follow us on Twitter: Mill_All.


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