04 Apr, 2018

Here’s What To Expect From A One Day Event


The Millennium Alliance is known for putting on technology-driven 2-day events, taking place at nothing less than the best resorts in cities across the country.

This year, we decided to dive into a whole new territory of events: one day events. This territory is unfamiliar to us, but over the course of the past few months, we have become very accustomed and ready for what our one-day event will bring, for our team and for our esteemed attendees.

Tomorrow, our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day will be taking place at the Convene in midtown in NYC. We are so excited! Leading up to the event, it is important for our readers to understand the pros of one-day events.

What To Expect From One-Day Programs

Normally, our events last two days. Over the course of those two days, attendees follow an insightful and impactful agenda that provides professionals with the most up to date knowledge about trends in their specific industry. Now, that information is put into a program that accommodates a one-day schedule.

Expect A Packed Agenda

Our agendas for every assembly we put on are made up of content we know will benefit professionals the most, so they can apply it to their day-to-day business activities. We hand pick these topics, mold them into valuable information and place them at the forefront of our assembly. With the help of our analysis partner, 451 Research, we are able to really get to the heart of what will affect our attendees the most.

For a one-day event, the agenda that we use will be similar to our two-day events, consisting of roundtables, workshop sessions, and Keynote panels. In order to fit this format into one day, our agenda for Digital Enterprise Transformation Day is packed, in the best way possible.

There is just enough room left on the agenda for coffee breaks, networking sessions, lunch, and cocktails. (I told you it is packed in the best way possible!) 

The best part about our agendas is that you are able to customize your schedule depending on what you deem will benefit you the most. This allows you to be as forward-thinking as possible, and also encourages you to be familiar with the trends impacting your industry! Did anyone say DevOps?

Expect To Be Informed

You can expect to leave any of our events informed and with new knowledge. During our one-day events, this is even more imperative! It’s important to us that our one-day events mirror our traditional assemblies in a sense that our attendees will walk away learning something new.

Since our agenda is packed with nothing but the best executives sharing insights through intimate discussions, you can expect to walk away informed.

Expect To Meet The Best Of The Business

During our one-day events, you can expect to meet the best of the business. Whether you are interested in meeting a solution provider, or simply sharing insights with Authors, Academics, Analysts, and C-Level Technology Executives, you can bet you will make long-lasting relationships.

You will be met with the opportunity for some prime networking opportunities at our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day in NYC.

If you want to learn more, download our brochure! If that’s not enough…


Digital Enterprise Transformation Day NY is your chance to meet with experts from across the Tri-State area in an intimate setting. With high-level content, disruptive solution providers, and enhanced networking opportunities, this one-day event promises to provide you with the knowledge you need to take advantage of new technology in 2018 and beyond.

For more information about the Assembly and details on how to get involved, please download the brochure here >>

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