03 Apr, 2018

What Do Tech Professionals Actually Want From Their Enterprise?


Tech professionals, they’re just like us.

Well, maybe they are more informed versions of us when it comes to technology. Nonetheless, in a professional setting, they seek the same positive attributes out of work environments and culture as any other professional in any industry. But that’s not all.

As a tech professional, work culture matters and can dictate the success of IT efforts. Since the demand for technology is increasing more and more, the need for tech talent in enterprises is becoming imperative. Even David Brown, leader of IT division for Hays US, and an active participant on Forbes Tech Council thinks so.

“Demand for experienced IT professionals shows no sign of slowing, and it’s not just technology companies and those on the frontier of new developments hiring for advanced IT skills.” Forbes reports.
Since there is an increase in the demand for tech talent, it puts employers in a unique position to communicate and listen to the wants and needs of tech professionals, if they are interested in employing them. Tech pros place ceratin emphasis on attributes that a job could offer. Understanding what they want from an enterprise can help employers gain a better understanding of what these professionals are interested in, thus creating an overall adaptive environment when it comes to digital transformation.

Workplace Elements

Technology professionals place value on specific elements in the workplace. For example, an open communication among all members of the organization is something that IT professionals deem important. An open communication layout can be beneficial because all members of the organization will be on the same page, which will be useful if the enterprise undergoes changes with the adaption of new technology.

Open communication has to do with the company’s culture, and how well adaptable professionals in higher management can be when it comes to digital transformation. When there is a lack of communication, projects can be delayed, which causes frustration among tech professionals.

Another factor that tech professionals think is important deals with career growth. This is common among many professionals in a variety of industries but is even more significant when it comes to technology careers. This stems from positive core values that can be found throughout the organization, that will push IT pros on a positive career path.

“Looking ahead, just over half of tech pros claim to have a good idea of their desired career path during the next five years (55 percent). The remaining may especially find value in getting some type of support to help them figure out the right path for them.” Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) reports.

This is pretty easy to understand, considering most professionals want to be able to have an idea what the future holds for them professionally. When it comes to technology, since the landscape is constantly growing and developing, some pros can be met with confusion regarding where their future holds. Hence why reassurance from higher management can help assure that their future is thought about.

Ideally, IT professionals want to be able to work in an environment that supports these notions, and enables an open relationship of communication.

So, what do tech professionals really want from an enterprise? It starts with communication, meets an adaptive environment and finishes with what the future holds.


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