03 Apr, 2018

451 Research Reveals The Opportunities That DevOps Has On Organizations


Our Digital Enterprise Transformation Day is Thursday! In preparation for the event, we sat down with Eric Hanselman, a Chief Analyst at 451 Research. Eric reveals the shift that the technology landscape is experiencing, in particular focusing on the influence that DevOps has on organizations.

Thank you, Eric, for answering our questions!

Information technology and cybersecurity are two areas that can massively benefit from the implementation of trending technologies. With your expertise, how can a business successfully integrate new technologies like DevOps into business strategy in a collaborative and transparent way?

Discussions around DevOps often focus on agility as one of its main benefits, but the security benefits can be quite significant. Adopting a DevOps mindset can help to reduce risk in change and also identify defects that can lead to security vulnerabilities earlier in a product development cycle.

Any time applications are updated or changed, there’s a risk that defects will be introduced. The DevOps model makes change more incremental and integrates testing into the process earlier than many other models.

It’s not an insignificant transition, but it’s one that is worth the investment.

The convergence of different influences and forces across the technology landscape are causing radical shifts in the industry. How does 451 Research help clients navigate these shifts, and find ways to capitalize on them?

One of the largest challenges in planning for an organization’s future is understanding the realm of possibilities that that future can present. It can be difficult for an organization to look outside of its sphere of influence and to fully comprehend the range of forces that could impact its business. That’s an area where 451 research spends considerable time thinking about and assessing the various aspects, forces, and pressures that come to bear on a range of different markets. That’s typically how we assist our clients.

One example of convergence is the melding of virtualization, storage and compute that’s created hyper-converged infrastructure offerings. They offer operational simplifications but can be an expensive path, if not implemented properly. The right fit depends on an organization’s IT processes and existing environment. We provide perspectives on the various options and techniques to ensure that clients get it right.


451 Research will be attending Digital Enterprise Transformation Day NY as an Analysist Partner for our information sessions surrounding topics including:

  • The Correct Way To think About Blockchain In Business
  •  Questioning containers: Considerations for Container Implementations

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