29 Mar, 2018

How To Integrate DevOps Into Your Workplace: Start With Your Culture


After reading an abundance of articles about DevOps, you may think you are ready to integrate this complex tool into your business, and you may be right. However, your enterprise may not be.

In order to successfully integrate DevOps into your enterprise, it will take a few steps.

“In order to adopt DevOps, organizations need to be able to embrace the openness it requires, encourage experimentation and innovation, and work across departmental silos.” CMS Crossroads reports.

Change Your Culture

When it comes to any sort of change among the enterprise, it will pretty much always involve changing your culture to become open to new practices. DevOps is no exception to this fact. Since this tool is all about being collaborative by connecting all members of the enterprise together, it is important that all teams are on the same page and ready to get on board.

“DevOps is, first and foremost, a matter of Corporate Culture, bringing an increased, continuous collaboration between the Development side and the Operations side. Therefore, the communication level and the sharing of information between those sides is the main change that occurs when introducing DevOps in a workplace.” C2Enterprise reports.

Exchanging information among all teams will be crucial during this integration. Although it seems simple, this step can be most challenging for business professionals. Bridging the divide that is felt among teams will take work and the execution of crucial communication skills.

This may be most effective to try in steps, like having a few meetings throughout the time period that allows for people to really express their ideas and thoughts.

Understand Your Existing Processes

In order to create a change in your organization, you must be familiar with what is being put into practice currently. When you explore your existing practices, you become familiar with what needs to be repaired, and what is already working.

This will take getting a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each team, especially your IT team. Since each team is working on their own tasks and projects, each department will be different and probably have different views on the strengths and weaknesses of the group.

In order to tackle this, it will take really listening to every member of the team to have a complete understanding of the department’s goals, what is working and what is not.

Once you figure out the weaknesses that need to be worked on, you can put DevOps to work.

“Working in DevOps generally prevents backtracking, losing efficiency and wasting time on work that has already been done.” C2Enterprise reports.

Patience Is A Virtue

The great thing about DevOps is that it takes a continuous approach. Results will not be seen overnight, and it will take trying new methods, possibly failing and then trying again. The proccess never stops, it continues to grow and expand as your enterprise grows.

So, now that you think you’re ready, what are you waiting for?


DevOps has been hailed as a pillar of modern IT infrastructure. This process has emerged from the growing need to manage modern, cloud-based infrastructure.

Essentially DevOps refers to a set of practices to encourage the collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. In traditional firms, these functions are kept separate. This process also enables the automation of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

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