26 Mar, 2018

How Is The NYC Technology Landscape Growing?


In the wise words of The Eagles, “in a New York Minute, anything can change.” When it comes to technology, this has been made quite clear in NYC.

Over the past few years, New York City has adopted new technologies and digital tools in order to make the city more responsive, technologically advanced and all around more connected.

Supporting Tech In NYC

It is no surprise that New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. This famous city houses culture, history, endless opportunities, and quite a lot of people. In 2016, there was a reported of 8.538 million people living in NYC. In 2018, you can bet that those 8.538 million people are pretty reliant on technology. At any given time, you can see people on the streets using mobile phones to navigate and communicate with one another.

“New York City is combining 5G, automation, the Internet of Things, among other technologies to improve the city, solve issues in the community, and become a role model for other cities.” TechRepublic reports.

Because of the advancements, we have seen in technology over the years, the city has grown its own tech resources in order to meet the needs of the citizens of New York.

Technology Developments

According to The City of New York, NYC has partnered with talent in order to push tech initiatives forward. These initiatives include continuing to develop and promote advancements in technology, such as making cities smarter, working towards an increase in cybersecurity and being a place that supports connected devices.

“We’re proud to partner with organizations that lead tech programs designed to benefit all New Yorkers. Our office serves as the central point of contact for tech companies, startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and academic institutions who want to engage with government to promote technology development in New York City.” The city of New York, reports.

Connection Made Available

New York City understands how essential internet is in this day in age. At any given moment, you may need to access the internet in order to fulfill everyday activities, like finding an appropriate subway route for your journeys. The city has worked to make sure the internet is accessible for everyone. How are they doing this, you ask?

To achieve this, we’re investing in broadband+ infrastructure, creating new ways to bring service to all areas of New York City, and providing education and resources allowing all New Yorkers to thrive online. ” The City of New York reports.

Through these initiatives, a high-quality broadband internet connection will be accessible everywhere in the entire city in an affordable way. The first step to doing this is to make sure that New Yorkers are educated on the complex world of the internet, including topics like net neutrality and privacy.

Taken from City Of New York

NYC has already integrated tools like LinkNYC, which is a tool found on the street that brings free wifi to millions of New Yorkers.

“LinkNYC is transforming the City’s 7,500+ pay phones into high-tech public kiosks installed across all five boroughs, at no cost to taxpayers. Each kiosk provides completely free, ultra-high speed encrypted Wi-Fi service.”

A Smarter City For Everyone

NYC has leveraged tools like real-time data and A.I. in order to improve everyday life for New Yorkers.

“We’re using smart technologies and real-time data to save taxpayer dollars, make government more responsive and avoid problems before they happen.” The city of New York reports.

In order to have technology successfully integrated within the city, there must be a strong foundation that supports digital initiatives, which is why NYC is working with the government and tech companies to make sure this becomes a reality. By developing resources and policies to make sure technology is used in a responsible way among all parties.

NYC has developed tools that make transit easier and more efficient, all while still protecting the data of the citizens of NYC.

The Future Of Tech In NYC

The tech initiatives that New York City are making aren’t just stopping there. There are programs put in motion like OneNYC, that acknowledge the challenges that New Yorkers experience on a daily basis in order to outline priorities that the city needs to carry out to create a more efficient environment.

“Our Challenge program invites entrepreneurs, technologists, and tech professionals to participate in open competitions. Each Challenge aims to solve a specific problem of urban life and move New York City towards the principles laid out in Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC plan: growth, equity, sustainability, and resilience.” City of New York reports.

Through these programs like NYCx, job opportunities are created for New Yorkers, new ideas are put to the test and NYC has the potential to be the leader of the most sustainable big cities in the world, fighting global issues like climate change and other challenges that we see during the 21st century.

NYC will use the existing technologies that exist today, such as voice control, blockchain, and drones in order to increase user experiences and services.

“A lot of conversations around user-centric design and all those sorts of things. We’re going to have the opportunity to really shift the way we think about how people experience our service delivery because we’re going to have this collection of tools that are going to weave together to change just the way we experience it all together.” Tech Republic reports.

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The technology landscape is changing, and not just in New York.

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