23 Mar, 2018

This Weeks Publication Review Gives You Insight Into Security


It’s time for our weekly publication review. Have you missed these? It’s been a while. We’ve missed you too.

This week, we will touch on a security publication that provides us with tons of news on a daily basis. Since security is so important to us, it is even more important for us for our readers to be exposed to the publications we find most effective.

With the help of leading publications, we gain the most informative knowledge possible so the information we produce is top-notch and relevant for all the industries we know and love.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

CIO Dive

If you haven’t heard about Cio Dive yet, then you are in the right place. This magazine is a subset of the website Industrydive.com. which provides readers an option to choose from a vast amount of industries, like healthcare, marketing and retail (all of which are important to us as well!)  For today’s purposes, we will only focus on CIO Dive.

Even if you are from those other industries, stick around. CIO Dive touches on all types of news that affects enterprises from a wide range of different categories. Any news that you see on this publication has to do with cybersecurity, tech trends and beyond.CIO Dive is the leading source of all things tech-related and security.

The topics that are covered by this publication include, but are not limited to, IT strategy, cloud computing, security, and big data.

“We cover industry news and provide original analysis. Throughout the day, our editorial team analyzes the top news stories and publishes in-depth feature articles. You can also use our site to check out industry events, jobs, and more.” CIO Dive announces.

We gain a bunch of unique information from this publication, in order to form our posts accordingly. Let’s break it down by category.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 10/10

CIO Dive posts the most up to date and relevant stories that hit the tech market. Classified as “Top News” on the site, this publication stays on top of all the major enterprises affected by the tech trends.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

CIO Dive is informative, with different categories headlined as “Top Stories”, “Most Popular”, “Staff Picks”, and “What We’re Reading.”

This makes the site easy to navigate, by prioritizing topics based on specific interests. We use these tabs frequently to decide which topics to pick when conducting our articles.

At the top of the page, different topics are listed as follows:

  • IT Strategy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security
  • Big Data
  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile
  • Leadership

So, as you can see, CIO Dive offers a variety of different topics to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Big enterprises are also frequently discussed on this site, such as IBM, Amazon, and Google, based on their news exposure for that week.

This keeps us informed about all the leading businesses that are affected by security and digital transformation.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

CIO Dive can be accessed through Industry Dive, or through a variety of social media outlets that are listed on the platform. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the social media sites that can be accessed through the website.

Along with social media, CIO Dive also comes in the form of an app that can be accessed through Apple Store or Google Play. The address of the headquarters of CIO Dive is listed on the website, along with a form that allows readers to contact the publication. You can also sign up for the newsletter, to receive the top news straight to your email.

All in all, CIO Dive is extremely accessible as long as you have an internet connection.

Industry Dive also offers informative events for readers as well, such as tradeshows, webinars and more.


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