22 Mar, 2018

Your Road To A.I. Starts With A Strategy: Here’s How


Digital transformation tools are great. They help move businesses forward towards embracing new technology, which is growing at a rapid pace. Among these digital transformation tools, you will find artificial intelligence at the heart of it.

The Road To A.I.

If at first, the term artificial intelligence overwhelms you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. When this trend first appeared on the business scene, many people were overcome with questions, concerns, and even doubts. Now, a few years later, it is clear that A.I. has not only proven these doubts wrong but also transformed many business operations in leading industries.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, you can bet that A.I. has made an appearance. (If you want to learn about who is using A.I. you can find it here.)

Taking The First Steps

From voice-controlled assistants to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. As customers become more digitally native, businesses need to leverage A.I. technology to deliver seamless, automated, and personalized experiences.

If you are concerned with how to integrate A.I. into your business, there are a few first steps you can take in order to successfully accomplish this goal. First, it takes figuring out why you want to use A.I. in the first place.

Artificial intelligence has the power to improve customer experience, by making it more personalized. If that doesn’t match your needs, then you may be more focused on the fact that A.I. can also improve your cybersecurity tactics, by working with technology to detect hackers and protect secure data.

There are a ton more of functions that A.I. completes. If you want to read the full list, you can find it here.

Putting A Plan In Motion

Once you figure out what exactly you want to accomplish through using A.I., then you will be able to create a plan. According to The Startup, A.I. should be there to “serve your business plan, not the other way around.” 

This basically means that you should be able to incorporate A.I. into your already existing business plan. This means whatever you have in motion already, such as how you target and reach customers, as well as how you approach your customers.

Leveraging A.I.

The people who understand how to leverage A.I. the most are those who work with startups. Startup companies have a great understanding of the impact that A.I. has because they are creating a business during a time where technology is only predicted to grow into a larger sphere of force.

Those who are set in their ways may be more prone to turn the other cheek when it comes to artificial intelligence. Either way, understanding how to leverage this tool is crucial to the success of your company.

“Artificial intelligence can be effectively used to assist and augment humans, not replace them. Companies that view intelligent machines merely as a cost-cutting tool are likely to push them into all the wrong places.” The Startup reports.

In order to effectively implement a new strategy, you will need to put the proper teams in place. This means training those in your enterprise to fully understand the capablities that A.I. have, depending on your set goals stated prior. You will most likely need to run test runs with data in order to fully understand how it will impact the structure of your business. As your business changes, your priorities will change, along with the applications that you use.

The first step you will want to take is understanding who will be responsible for AI strategy in your enterprise. This can range from anyone from IT professionals to someone you deem fit.

A.I. strategies are meant to be a long-term fix to any problems you may have within your organization. Jumping on board of the A.I. train is effective, but you must do so with conviction and a goal in mind.

Don’t be scared, you got this. If you are still feeling uneasy, you can find us here…


Whether you’re a marketer implementing ChatBots on your website, or an insurer looking to harness the power of data to process claims faster, A.I. has the potential to change how you do business. By performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making, Artificial Intelligence is driving operational processes leading to greater efficiency and efficacy.

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