22 Mar, 2018

It’s Time To Get On Board: A.I. Is Transforming Business


It is clear that artificial intelligence is no longer a fancy buzzword that is used every so often from the mouth of Elon Musk. It is now a trend that businesses from all leading industries leverage in order to enhance a variety of business goals.

The business goals that are enhanced through our friend A.I. (artificial intelligence) are unique depending on each enterprise. As a business leader, or really just a member of society, understanding how A.I can positively impact different functions within a business and the world, in general, is important.

if you are planning on joining the 21st century by getting on board with all the advancements technology has to offer, A.I. is a great place to get your feet wet.

So, dive in.

Download our eBook to learn how A.I. can help your business. We can guarantee you will learn something new, and if not, you get your money back. (Just kidding, it’s free.)

Enjoy! And while we have you…


A.I. Day NY is your chance to meet with experts from across the Tri-State area, in an intimate setting. With high-level content, disruptive solution providers, and enhanced networking opportunities, this one-day event promises to provide you with the knowledge you need to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence technology.

This is not just another “A.I.” event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Apply to attend here!


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