13 Mar, 2018

How Brands Can Find Luck Through St. Patrick’s Day Marketing


It’s that time of the year again! St. Patrick’s Day is upon us this weekend. Whether you are Irish, (or planning on pretending to be) this day is just like other calendar holidays that allow brands to use unique marketing tactics to grab the attention of an audience.

“With more than 126.9 million Americans (30x the population of Ireland) expected to celebrate this year, the holiday can be the pot-of-gold at the end of marketing rainbow for many businesses.” Impact reports.

St. Patrick’s Day Spending Is High

Every marketing professional knows that holidays are an excellent way to bring in revenue and exposure for brands. Holidays are designated times of the year where people are more aware of deals and are willing to spend money. Not only that, but customers are usually in happier spirits when it comes to holidays. So, if your brand is paying attention and leveraging this fact, you may be able to catch your audience at the perfect time.

“Compared to other spending holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is less about giving gifts and more about having fun with friends and family regardless of the budget,” Prosper Executive Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist said.” NRF reports. 

Although this holiday does not surround around gift-giving, the National Retail Federation reports that St. Patrick’s Day encourages a ton of people who celebrate by spending money.

“Total spending for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day is estimated to reach $5.9 billion – a new survey high. Average spend per person will be just under $40. That 35-44 plan to spend the most this year at an average of $46.” nrf reports.

Where Are Customers Spending Their Money?

Thanks to the National Retail Federation, we are provided with up to date statistics that reveal where customers are spending their money the most during this holiday. Brands can gather this information and use it to their benefit, once understanding exactly what customers are willing to spend money on. Hint: it’s not just beer!

“Celebrants plan to make their St. Patrick’s Day purchases primarily from grocery, discount and department stores. Women (37%) are significantly more likely than men (26%) to purchase from grocery stores, while men (23%) are much more likely than their female counterparts (16%) to shop at specialty stores.” nrf reports.

Business professionals can use this information to target where they will be putting their marketing and advertising efforts. Since grocery and department stores are the most populated during this holiday, that means that your brand is most likely to be reached in these spaces. This puts you in a good position to be successful and to portray a message unique to your brand.

The most common purchases in these places are food and beverage, apparel, decorations, and candy. It is no surprise that food and beverage make up the #1 most popular purchases, with a combined total of 91%.

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Efforts Bring The Gold

Since customers have their wallets open and are attracted to all things green during this day, marketers may have luck (pun intended) for when it comes to grabbing their attention, if they follow the lead of some established brands who have taken advantage of this day.

There are a few things that brands can do in order to achieve these goals.

Themed Wording

If you have been paying attention to this post, you may have noticed the play on words that have been used that relate to the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Brands can follow suit and use similar tactics in order to engage their audience.

Combining clever wording as well as catchy visual adverts help make for the most creative efforts that leverage St. Patrick’s Day. Animation helps make the message memorable which is always a plus when it comes to marketing campaigns.


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Customers do, that is for sure. Brands can engage customers by offering a giveaway, which also entices them to do something, like fill out a survey, or enter a contest.

We saw this take place during a campaign released by Jameson last year. The popular Irish whiskey brand aimed to create brand exposure by offering customers a chance to win a free trip to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day 2018. The contest consisted of customers taking a photo with Jameson with the hashtag #CheersYourJameson as well as tagging your location.

“We’re giving you the chance to take 3 of your mates on a weekend trip to Dublin. As well as it being an unforgettable trip, you’ll also have your name carved into the bar at Jameson Distillery Bow St, alongside some of the most celebrated names from Jameson’s history. What a way to leave your mark.” Jameson reports.

A few lucky customers not only win a chance at a free trip but also will show off their own creative spirit through the posts. This helps the brand reach a large customer base by getting brand awareness out there.

Marketing professionals can find luck at the end of the rainbow if they create creative and unique tactics through St. Patrick’s Day. (You see what I did there?) 


The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between individual consumers and brands. This need to think “customer first” has made the marketing function more vital than ever before.

CMO’s must take the reigns in order to leverage holidays like St. Patrick’s Day in order to achieve brand awareness through unique and creative marketing campaigns. Through different campaign efforts like giveaways, and themed wording, marketers allow for their brand to stay relevant and up to date with current events.

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