12 Mar, 2018

Enterprises Must Learn To Embrace And Conquer Challenges With Technology


Technology is everywhere. In this day in age, it really is a no-brainer that businesses benefit from integrating technology into everyday operations.

As appealing as technology is, there are also underlining factors that can turn people off from using it on a daily basis.The frustrations that come with technology are ones that demand attention, as well as a solution.

“Technology is exploding and so is frustration with it. As new technology is introduced into the workplace, employees are finding increasing frustration with both the advances and the pace of change.” Chron reports.

“The Pace Of Change”

In any situation, change brings forward new emotions, new mindsets, and new challenges. There is no exception to this fact when it comes to technology. The pace of change in the tech world can be scary and frustrating to adapt to.

Let’s take something as simple as the cellphone, for example. A few years ago, you may have gotten used to using a flip phone. (Remember Nokia?) You were probably so adapted to it, that when the iPhone was released, it presented itself as a challenge.

Over the course of learning how to use the iPhone, I’m sure you encountered some frustrations. Maybe your frustrations came from texting on the keypad, or learning how to use the camera. Maybe the iPhone was so sensitive that you felt everytime you touched it, it would create a ripple effect of unknown territory. You had to get used to using the device, and like all things, within time, it became second nature.

Now I’m sure when you think of a time where flip phones were relevant, it seems like a far away reality. That’s the beauty of the pace of change, and yes, while necessary, it can also be challenging to adapt to.

Technology In The Workforce

Beyond technology used on an everyday basis (like cell phones and laptops), let’s focus on the technology that is integrated into the workplace. I’m talking high-tech software, cloud-based technology, and programs that work behind the scenes to make sure operations in business work smoothly.

“Users are growing increasingly frustrated with the pace of change in the workplace. New software is released almost daily and workers are forced to learn new procedures and functions while still under intense pressure to meet deadlines.” Chron reports.

In order for enterprises to be successful with technology, c-suite executives must anticipate challenges, in order to learn how to conquer them.

Embrace And Conquer Challenges

The first challenge that business professionals will face when it comes to integrating technology is the fact that people must be trained in how to use certain tools. This means, that someone in the enterprise needs to be the leader when it comes to understanding how to use certain technologies, like new software for example.

This usually roots from an IT professional who is trained in a variety of different skills related to technology. Not only will training take qualified people to lead, it takes every member of the enterprise to take the time and energy in order to make sure this happens successfully.

The frustrating that comes from training employees comes from the fact that it takes time away from other tasks. This means that business executives must learn how to delegate the time among all teams.

“Many companies are now operating with very lean staffs and employees don’t always have the luxury of devoting a week to learning how to use a new software product.” Chron reports.

Along with training about technology, comes the notion that people learn at different paces. This means that some employees will become frustrated with different things, depending on their own personal knowledge. Once again, it will take the leaders of the organization to make sure everyone is on the same page, and there is always a helping hand ready to assist those who may or may not throw their computer at the wall. (Just kidding, but really.) 

All in all, technology is great! It moves your business forward and helps you stay relevant. Being naive about the challenges that come with it will only hurt, not help your organization. So it’s time to embrace the challenge, find a solution and keep moving forward.


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