12 Mar, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa Wants To Make Your Business Smarter


Your business has the potential to get a whole lot smarter, and you can thank Amazon.

Amazon’s famous voice-activated smart device, Alexa, is now going to be available for professionals to use during business operations. Alexa For Business will be accessible in the workplace, offering a variety of different tools that can help improve the efficiency of tasks.

“Today, people spend too much of their day on tedious tasks at work, like managing their calendars, dialing into meetings, or searching for information. But Amazon Alexa can help solve this problem by acting as an intelligent assistant at work.” Alexa for Business reports.

A Voice Control In Business

Alexa for Business is hoping to push virtual components further into businesses. The goal behind Alexa used throughout companies is to allow for professionals to use the tool in conferences, assistants, and simple everyday tasks by simply asking. Putting a voice control in business is the end goal for Amazon.

This will be possible for businesses of all sizes, from big enterprises to small spaces, or even if you work from home. There is no limit to how far Alexa for Business can go.

“Alexa can simplify conference rooms, allowing meeting attendees to start meetings and control the equipment in the room by simply using their voice. Alexa can also do things around the workplace, like providing directions to a conference room, notifying IT about a broken printer, or placing an order for office supplies.” Alexa for Business reports.

Business: Anytime, Anywhere

According to Amazon, Alexa for Business has the potential to change the dynamic of business operations, big or small. It holds massive benefits to any organization, by offering unique tools like building custom voices, share the device among a variety of conference rooms, and perform specific tasks throughout the business.

“With Alexa for Business, you can provide shared Alexa devices for anyone to use in common areas around your workplace, and personal Alexa devices for your employees to use. Shared devices allow Alexa to simplify conference rooms, and help around the office, and anyone can access them. Personal devices let Alexa help users be more productive throughout their day, at work or at home.”  Amazon reports.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how will this work throughout my business? Well, luckily, Amazon has broken down just how Alexa will be utilized in the workplace.

First, Alexa will utilize information found throughout the organization. It will begin with someone asking Alexa a question and then Alexa will use data and other information to provide an accurate answer. This is seen through a simple request of starting a conference call or inquiring about simple things, like calendar scheduling. Alexa will use the information provided by the organization through the Alexa for Business account, then use the appropriate equipment in order to execute the tasks at hand.

This ultimately saves professionals time and also makes multitasking easier. You can be speaking to Alexa while performing other tasks.

Major cooperations can benefit from Amazon for Business because it will increase collaboration, by making it more accessible and efficient.


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