09 Mar, 2018

Rainforest QA Reveals How To Rethink Continuous Delivery For Your Company


Rainforest QA is on a mission to make sure development teams can achieve continuous delivery while using bug-free software throughout all processes.

In Rainforest QA’s latest report, the impact that these efforts have when it comes to reaching customers effectively is outlined through a variety of points, emphasizing the importance of continuous testing.

The Speed Of Continous Delivery Matters

It Is no surprise that in the fast-paced world we live in, teams are developing quicker than ever, making workflows more difficult to manage. Having more developed teams in your organization means that executing tasks in an effective way while still possessing quality is more important than ever.

If your organization is interested in achieving the highest levels of quality and effectiveness, figuring out a clear plan to what objectives you want to approach and a test is key, in other words, figuring out a QA strategy. According to Rainforest QA, rethinking how to approach continuous testing is the ultimate first place to start.

Using an effective approach to continuous delivery can help make this a reality. A continuous testing process is one that can result in obtaining insights for your company.

Rainforest QA follows Russ Smith’s outline that provides guidelines for continuous testing:

  • Aims for a modular system, built around small, manageable chunks;
  • Takes a balanced, rightsized approach to testing;
  • Measures the results of testing to show quality improvement;
  • Begins testing as early as possible;

These are a few of the many takeaways that Rainforest QA provides. To see the full list of Russ Smith’s guidelines, click here.

What many professionals must understand is that while approaching these tasks, using traditional testing tactics that are outdated can actually slow down the progress of a company, making it more difficult to reach targeted customers. Approaching an up to date QA strategy with speed and efficiency in mind is the key to success.

QA Strategy Insights

The best practices for building a QA strategy begins with understanding where to test, which according to Rainforest QA, is starting small, which will allow you to end up with key elements on how to improve strategy.

“The best way to manage test suites is to think small and think dynamic,”  Rainforest QA reports.

You can find the rest of the insights here.

Of course, when it comes to any practice in an enterprise, quality and functionality are key. Without these components, feedback will not effectively be delivered to the appropriate parties. This results in a speedbump for organizations because feedback is what helps push strategy forward. Feedback provides key insights that help teams understand the value of where the tests lie.

A Developed System Is Key

In order to integrate successful continuous delivery using QA testing, it is important to understand early on how you will create an effective workflow and track any issues that are found in the test. Dealing with the context of information that will be provided to you will take a developed management system. Following a refined approach to continuous testing is crucial to the success of continuous testing.

Rainforest QA provides this approach that has helped push hundreds of companies to automate QA testing. It takes more than just implementing this kind of framework, it takes making sure that it is secure in the development workflow of your company, which Rainforest assures will be the case.

To view Rainforest QA’s full report on continuous testing, you can find it here.

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