08 Mar, 2018

HIMSS18 Tackles The Most Popular Tech Trends In Healthcare


The HIMSS18 Conference is happening this week, and if you haven’t heard much about it, that’s okay. We are here to deliver you with a first-hand recap of the events that have taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada so far.

What To Expect

HIMSS18 provides professionals with a few days of world-class insight surrounding everything from technology trends, challenges and what to expect in the future.

This conference brings together the world’s most influential leaders in health transformation and technology. HIMSS provides a global voice to these leaders by offering unique expertise that ultimately works to improve healthcare outcomes.

“HIMSS drives innovative, forward-thinking around best uses of information and technology in support of better connected care, improved population health and low cost of care. HIMSS is a not-for-profit, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional offices in North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.” HIMSS reports.

Technology Trends

Artificial intelligence has been a trending topic during HIMSS18. Separating the hype of AI from the reality of it is something that James Golden, managing director of PwC Health Advisory, as well as Christopher Ross, chief information officer at Mayo Clinic, sought to deliver during an education session.

The verdict from the session reveals that AI is not hype. In fact, there is enough data out there to guarantee that AI can help make sure the healthcare industry is moving forward in terms of embracing new technology as well as deliver answers to complex questions that may arise.

Of course, with any digital transformation trend, AI can come across as hyped up. We saw this when robotics took center stage in many industries, causing everyone from consumers and professionals alike to worry that this trend will take over jobs and in a more dramatic sense, the world. During this educational session, this idea was brought to the attention of listeners, indicating that this type of hype can often times have a place in the healthcare industry as well.

Although AI is a trend that deems to be oftentimes hyped up, it is also a trend that has a huge impact and is gradually changing healthcare as we know it. According to both Christopher and James, the AI tools do exist in healthcare, and they are here to stay.

AI has the ability to transform patient and doctor relationships as we know it.

Apps Will Play A Role

Another interesting concept that was brought up during the conference is the fact that apps will play a large role in the healthcare industry. The health IT landscape, according to Eric Schmidt, former Google executive chairman, is shifting.

Killer apps will play a role in the healthcare industry, and it will take a system that works together to make it possible. Work-flow apps are the future, including voice-based capabilities that will further position healthcare professionals to execute their jobs. Leveraging multiple tools to make sure that the healthcare technology landscape is effective will be the key to success.

There is one day left at HIMSS18 that will certainly provide attendees with the most up to date and insightful concept regarding the healthcare industry and all leading technologies making a real difference in this sector.

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The future of healthcare is digital. With the FDA providing clarity with the launch of new regulations regarding digital technology in 2018, developers and healthcare industry stakeholders alike are working to transform the patient experience.

The healthcare landscape is changing. The on-demand patient increasingly favors digital technology and platforms. According to Pew Research, a third of Americas have gone online and searched symptoms, in an attempt to diagnose a medical condition.

The US healthcare industry is unique, as it markets direct-to-consumer or direct-to-patient. Digital marketing technology is enabling healthcare marketers to talk directly to consumers in a new, more engaging way.

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