05 Mar, 2018

Move Over Amazon, You Can Now Buy Premade Meals At Walmart


The war between Amazon and er, really any other retailer continues throughout a variety of different industries.Today, Amazon announced that it may even explore the financial services space and work with J.P.  Morgan to satisfy consumer’s banking needs.

Among this story were talks of retailer Walmart taking further initiatives to compete with Amazon in the grocery space. Remember when Amazon made that small deal *sarcasm included* with Whole Foods that sent food companies in a panic a few months ago?

Well, since then, Whole Foods and Amazon have become a truly unstoppable duo. Food companies like Blue Apron prepared their defenses when Amazon began offering customers grocery deliver services via Amazon Fresh. Grocers everywhere feared big, bad, Amazon and the moves that the enterprise was making, changing the industry as we know it.

Walmart Gets Innovative

Today, Walmart announced a new initiative to target customers in-stores, and to further Compete with Amazon and Blue Apron. The national food chain will now be selling premade foods in stores for the first time.

“Ten different meals are now available in 250 stores, and the program will expand to 2,000 locations by year’s end, Walmart executives said in an interview. The company also is introducing four $15 meal-kit options in stores, expanding a business that had previously only been offered online through outside vendors.” Fortune reports.

This move comes as little surprise, considering grocery is its largest stream of revenue for the company. Since this is the case, the company is making the efforts necessary that only improves Walmart’s grocery business. Along with the premade meals, Walmart has made the effort to sell certified Angus meat in stores, as well as developed a way to track the freshness of different fruits sold in the store.

These attributes are all appealing to customers, which allows Walmart to successfully draw in an audience that supports the grocer side of the company.

What This Move Means

Walmart selling meals in stores creates a potential threat among a variety of different competitors. Amazon and Blue Apron are among these competitors. Along with these two companies, resturaunts, and fast food chains are threatened.

“Given the massive scope of Walmart’s grocery business, the meals could depress sales at restaurant chains. Shoppers may choose to grab a quick and cheap dinner from Walmart instead of dining out.” Fortune reports.

So, if shoppers are choosing to take a trip to Walmart’s food aisle for a cheaper, more convenient meal, it really means that the dining industry is at risk for losing a big chunk of customers, especially during the weekdays, where most people are on-the-go. This threatening move could not come at a worse time for restaurants, considering restaurant sales have been increasingly slow over the past two years.

Walmart may have changed the priorities of retailers who dive into the food industry with this business move. Only time will reveal just how popular this new feature will be among consumers, and exactly which audience will push sales for the company


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