Take A Look At The News Buzz That You May Have Missed This Week


Happy Friday! In the midsts of celebrating our 4 year anniversary, we still take the opportunity to deliver our readers with the most up to date new stories that have disrupted all leading industries.

This week, we will kick off our news round-up with news from the healthcare industry.


UPMC Hits High Revenue Mark

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has reported having reached a total of $16 billion, which is an increase from 2016, which was $13.4 billion. A new financial report revealed the year-end numbers. The operating income of the health system also increased, from $245 million from $215 million from the previous year.

Uber Dives Into Healthcare

Uber has announced this week about its new acquisition into the healthcare space by offering providers a chance to use the app in order for patients to move to and from healthcare facilities. This will be done through a new platform called Uber Health. It will work similar to the original Uber app, by alerting the passenger about the trip details via text or phone call.

So far, this product has already been tested by 100 hospitals and doctors offices.


Nordstrom Reports High Net Sales

According to Reuters, Nordstrom has experienced an 8.4% increase in net sales, reaching $4.6 billion in revenue. The year prior, it hit $4.2 billion in revenue. This increase can be credited to flagship stores and men’s apparel performing well. Nordstrom Rack is also a reason for the success, which has been on track to continue to grow and reach $1 billion in revenues.

Online stores also can be credited to an increase in sales, since they contribute to consumer growth.

Samsung Incorporates AR Technology

Samsung announced this week during its smartphone launch that they will be integrating new technology into the Samsung Bixby platform and S9 camera. Users of the phone will be able to use ModiFace, a beauty AR platform in order to view augmented reality makeup simulations in video and real time.

During the launch, Samsung showed consumers what the new platform will consist of, including details of the new feature. Different makeup products from CoverGirl, Sephora will be available for use.


Equifax Reveals Breach’s Impact

After Equifax’s cybersecurity breach incident of 2017, the company has revealed the loses that came from it. A recorded of $114 million costs have been lost from the incident. The company filed a 10K, which revealed a breach investigation and legal and professional services.

“The Equifax breach, disclosed in September, had a negative impact on the company’s revenue growth in 2017. However, the company’s fourth-quarter revenue still increased 4.7% year-over-year, from $801.1 million to $838.5 million in 2017.” CIO Dive reports.

Google Launches Learn With Google

This week, Google launched a program that provides educational services to customers called Learn With Google in order to push software for the future and further promote machine learning efforts, making the education accessible to everyone.

The crash course was tested by 18,000 Googlers who have enrolled and applied the lessons learned.


NFL And Papa Johns Cut Ties

Papa Johns has cut ties with the NFL, allowing Pizza Hut to emerge as a new sponsor. This comes as little surprise after Papa Johns’ CEO, John Schnatter, blamed the NFL for poor sales last year because of players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

This move puts Pizza Hut in a unique position to push digital intiatives for the brand and is likely to experience an increase of exposure.

Bank Of America Adds New Position

Bank Of America has added a brand safety officer to look after digital advertising and to help the company “clean house” according to Lou Paskalis, the bank’s SVP, and enterprise media executive.


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