27 Feb, 2018

Brands Competed For Engagement Gold In The Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics have come and gone, leaving us with memories of winnings, losings, and epic highlights of the best athletes in the world competing against one another for the gold. The athletes were not the only ones competing for medals. Brands were up against each other to win the most engagement from the worldwide audience.

The Olympics Go Digital

Updated reports reveal that The Olympics experienced a different type of viewership this year, one that strayed away from traditional television views and towards mobile components.

“NBC reports a 15% drop in viewership across their NBC and NBC Sports networks among viewers ages 18-49, a prized demographic for advertisers.The opening ceremony took a hit too, down 8.6% compared to viewership four years ago.” DMN News reports.

The Olympics this year were reported to be the least watched Olympics since 1976. This shift has a lot to do with the fact that viewers preferred streaming the games through mobile devices. This comes as little surprise because of the tech-savvy generation that is emerging on the market. Because younger generations rely on social media for information, it makes sense that they would also depend on mobile devices to follow the games.

“Oath also estimates a projected 38% of viewers used their smartphones and tablets to follow the games, with a 46% spike in mobile viewers since 2014.”  DMN News reports.

 Social Media Plays A Role

The Olympics this year were unique because not only did brands engage on social media and leverage this tool to reach an audience, the athletes participating in the games had the opportunity to become influencers on a variety of different platforms instantly. The most popular athletes that participated in the games received an increase of followers over the course of the games, along with engagements and impressions.

Because of the athletes’ influence on social media, brands were quick to pay attention to what they were saying. There were quite a few funny engagements on Twitter. The top brands that were mentioned throughout social media were Coca-Cola, Intel, Nike, and P&G.

“According to initial numbers from Sprinklr, more than 7.3 million people were talking about the 2018 Olympics, with upwards of 89,500 mentions of Olympic sponsors.” DMN News reports.

The fact that technology has shifted the way we communicate with one another, it has also changed the way brands communicate with audiences during worldwide events like The Olympics. It has created a total shift in where brands put their focus on, making sure they pay attention to being equipped with mobile capabilities, in order to effectively reach an audience at all times.

Now, data is available to brands through social media that was not available in previous years. Athlete endorsements have shifted depending on the data found through technology, which has put a totally new spin on the interactions between brands and athletes.

As Olympians achieve an increase of engagement, so do the brands that sponsor them.

“Companies deciding whom to feature in their ads use metrics to pick their endorsers. Their high-production-value campaigns also boost an athlete’s following. The athlete’s competitive success is just as critical.” Forbes reports.


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