26 Feb, 2018

Move Over iPhone X, Samsung Has Announced The Galaxy S9


In recent tech news, Samsung has released a new phone that will compete with Apple’s iPhone X. The two technology competitors are constantly neck in neck with new advancements and releases, so the news has disrupted consumers and the tech industry.

Meet Samsung’s Galaxy S9

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has finally arrived on the market. On Sunday, the phone was released, allowing consumers to preorder the device in the UK. American customers will wait until March 1st to preorder, March 16 is when customers will finally be able to receive the phone.

“If you want to buy the Galaxy S9, you’ll be able to pre-order it from 7 PM GMT on February 25 in the UK – that’s right after the launch event. Those in the US have to wait until March 1 for pre-orders to open, and we’ve yet to learn about the timing for the rest of the world.” Techradar reports.

The Galaxy S9 offers a different screen compared to the S8, but it is said to be more high-end. The screen is made up of crisp images, for a clear picture. Samsung was focused on improving and tweaking the problems that the S8 have, and the S9 will offer customers more a more high-end quality.

iPhone X Vs. Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 still offers a headphone jack on the bottom edge of the phone, compared to the iPhone X. The camera on the Galaxy S9 has also been reported to be new and improved, which is a feature that Apple has been known to be famous for. With its wide variety of advertisements for the its camera, the iPhone X is facing some competition with the release of the Galaxy S9.

“The Galaxy S9 only features a single lens on the rear of the phone, but Samsung has packed in lots of improvements in its effort to ‘reimagine’ the phone camera. There’s a 12MP rear sensor with optical image stabilization, and a lot of the other features we’ve come to expect from high-end Samsung devices.” Tech Radar reports.

Now, let’s talk about the battery. The battery life of cellphones is probably one of the most intriguing parts for most customers and a large selling point at that. Many companies have put this to the test, by creating new features that offer customers with the most high end and up to date battery components. Nobody wants a phone that dies easily, especially those who rely on their cellphones so frequently. (Hello business professionals!)

So, the Galaxy S9 offers users with up to date battery power, after updating the processes that work behind the battery. Much like the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, the S9 will give you a chance to use a variety of different pads to charge your phone, no plugin required. This makes for a fast charge, to its fullest power.

Aside from the battery, the storage life of the phone is also an important selling point. The S9 offers a wide range of storage options, as well as processing powers.

“There’s also only 4GB of RAM in each version of the phone, for 6GB you’ll have to opt for the Galaxy S9 Plus. As for storage, the Galaxy S9 only comes with 64GB of onboard space, but you can add in microSD cards for up to 256GB of extra space.” Tech Radar reports.

An Emoji A Day…

One of the most anticipated features on the S9 is the fact that this phone offers users the chance to use unique emojis, using AR technology. The emoji will be created based on your looks, allowing you to make your own emoji and pick from different features like hair color, and clothing. This emoji is one of the most interactive emojis on the market and has caused a stir among the market.

Thanks to Tech Radar for providing insightful information on this topic! 


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