Our Weekly News Roundup Featuring Barbie, Google, Mayo Clinic, J.P Morgan And More…


It’s that time of the week again: Friday! It has been an exciting week in the news, with many stories disrupting leading industries like marketing, retail, financial services, healthcare, and security. As always, Digital Diary is here to deliver you with a recap of all of the news buzz that has made headlines.

Let’s start this week off with the latest security news.


Barbie Will Inspire Coding

One of the most interesting stories in the news this week in the security industry is when iconic toy company Mattel announced a new partnership with Tynker, which is a computing platform. The goal of this new partnership is to inspire young girls to pursue careers in professions like pet vet, astronaut or a robotics engineer.

This is an exciting move for the security industry because it creates initiatives that support women in technology. Closing the gap between men and women in the sector has been a growing effort and this move will support girls interested in programming experiences through products they know and love.

Google Brings Augmented Reality to Devices

Google is releasing ARCore augmented reality platform to over 100 million Android devices. This comes after dabbling in an experimental phase. This move allows developers to put their own creations into the Play Store, and users are able to play with AR stickers from Star Wars and Stranger Things.

In order to make this possible, Google is working with Snap, Sony, Wayfare, and Porsche.


Mayo Clinic Reports An Increase In Revenue

A new report reveals that Mayo Clinic has experienced an improved operating margin from 2016. The company has reported a total of $12B in revenue for 2017, which is an increase from $10.5 billion in 2016. All in all, there a spending of 65% towards expenses which included salary and benefits.

Disease Can Now Be Detected By Eyesight

Google’s health subsidiary Verily has announced a new progression in the healthcare world by determining someone’s risk of heart disease by looking into their eyes. This can be done through cutting-edge scans which can reveal the patient’s age, blood pressure and even if they smoke. Then, the information can be used to determine the chances of a cardiac event.

This information was released on Wednesday through the Journal of Biomedical Engineering. These new advancements were made through algorithms based on eye scans and medical data for 300,000 patients.


Facebook Pushing Towards More Clarity

Facebook has announced the creation of new metrics in Ad Manager that will provide greater clarity on how metrics are calculated when it comes to marketing. A Facebook Business blog post announced that the labels will appear in the tooltips section of Ad Manager. This simply pushes Facebook’s initiatives to improve ad products and measurements when it comes to brand marketing and strategy.

Kylie Jenner Makes Snapchat Viral… In A Bad Way

It is no surprise that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has a large impact on the way people view specific products and platforms. This was proven on Thursday when Kylie Jenner orchestrated a tweet to her 24.5 million followers stating that she does not open Snapchat anymore.

The tweet gained 60,000 re-tweets, 4,200 comments and 315,000 likes in 24 hours. In that short time, Snap’s stock price fell 6.1% and erased $1.3 billion of market value. This comes after Snapchat changed the layout of its app, causing a negative backlash among consumers. The fact Kylie Jenner made such a large impact on Snap’s market value proves the role that influencers have when it comes to brands.

This draws the question, is Snap’s reign fading?


Target Announces New Service

On Thursday, Target announced through a post on the company’s Bullseye blog that there will be a launch of a new boxed service called Cat & Jack baby clothing. This new service caters to newborns through 24 months and will be available to customers in April, through quarterly subscriptions.

Target is pushing this initiative with the effort to make impactful digital investments by combining both physical and digital interactions as one service.

You Can Now Try On Diamond Rings Through An App

A new AR feature made possible through AR will now allow customers to try on diamond rings via an app. Diamond Hedge, a price comparison e-commerce platform for diamonds is making this possible. It will work with customers putting the base of their finger on the app, which will virtually put a ring on it.

This feature will be made available on iPhones with iOs 11, enabling customers to try on engagement rings offering an abundance of sizes, colors, and bands.


J.P Morgans New Headquarters

J.P Morgan has announced plans to expand its headquarters in Manhattan on Park Ave. This move will be big enough to fit 15,000 employees.

“The 2.5 million-square-foot (232,000-square-meter) building would be the first major project under New York City’s Midtown East rezoning plan, which encourages new office construction in the area, the bank and Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement Wednesday,” Fortune reports.


The future of healthcare is digital. With the FDA providing clarity with the launch of new regulations regarding digital technology in 2018, developers and healthcare industry stakeholders alike are working to transform the patient experience.

The healthcare landscape is changing. The on-demand patient increasingly favors digital technology and platforms. According to Pew Research, a third of Americas have gone online and searched symptoms, in an attempt to diagnose a medical condition. Consumers also use the internet to look up information about healthcare professionals, and facilities. Healthcare marketers are being forced to think digital for the first time.

The US healthcare industry is unique, as it markets direct-to-consumer or direct-to-patient. Digital marketing technology is enabling healthcare marketers to talk directly to consumers in a new, more engaging way.

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