The News Buzz In All Leading Industries This Week


We are taking a quick break from the coverage of our Digital Marketing and Retail Assembly in San Diego in order to reveal all of the top news stories that caused a disruption among all of the leading industries.

Since the theme of this week involves retail and marketing, let’s start today’s news roundup with all of the news stories from the marketing sector.


Pepsi Goes To The Big Screen

Pepsi will be making a debut through a full-length film, driven by its popular “Uncle Drew” character, who is an old man with basketball skills. The character is played by NBA star Kyrie Irving. The brand announced this debut by releasing a trailer for the movie which was released online this week. So far, the video has already scored 3.8 million views on YouTube.

Bud Light Goes Back To Its Roots

Bud Light has released a new campaign that incorporates the brand’s Texas roots. Since the beer has been brewed in Houston for more than 30 years, the campaign will be released on digital platforms and also incorporate special-edition cans that center around the Texas Lone Star as well as the state located on the beer’s tabs.


The Home Depot’s New App

This week, The Home Depot revealed a new app that will help assist the company with job hiring. The app will enable people applying for a job to schedule interviews through an appointment. Executives at the company explained that this new app will help with the goal of hiring 80,000 people for the spring season.

The app provides convenient access to the job searching process and also helps professionals from The Home Depot stay organized and on top of the applications that will increase in the next few weeks.

Amazon Wants To Pay Unhappy Employees

Amazon has put an offer out there to unhappy employees called “The Offer.” Basically, Amazon is offering to pay unhappy employees $5,000 once a year. This applies to people from customer-service centers to the warehouses in charge of Amazon’s products. Once an employee chooses “The Offer” they also agree to never work at Amazon again.

Amazon is participating in this exchange in order to weed out employees who are not invested in the company and are negatively impacting work efforts. After all, Amazon seems to only be growing upwards, so making sure that loyal employees are supportive is key to the organization’s success.


Hospitals Sue Anthem & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Atlanta Piedmont Hospital has joined forces with five other facilities to sue Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia and Anthem, claiming that they stopped paying for different tools in the hospital like imaging and ER visits.

“In the Piedmont lawsuit, the hospitals charged that the payer is involved in “a national scheme” geared to “intentionally deteriorate coverage for policyholders.” Healthcare Dive reports.

Roche Buys Flatiron Health

Swiss Pharma Roche AG has bought Flatiron Health for $1.9 billion, which also acquires 87.4% of the company. The privately held tech company uses EHR software as well as develops real-world data platforms to be used towards cancer research.

“Roche’s deal for Flatiron is a clear signal of the growing usefulness of real-world evidence (RWE) to link therapeutic intervention with health outcomes. Pharma, insurers and regulators alike are exploring how RWE can be used to assess the efficacy of drugs outside of the controlled clinical trial setting as well as to better align payment with value.” Healthcare Dive reports.


Intel Revamps Program

Intel has announced new efforts that will revamp its bug bounty program by opening the program to security researchers that will result in researchers earning anywhere from $500 to $250,000 if they find any flaws.

HP Inc. Joins Forces With Apple

HP Inc. will not feature Apple devices under its Device as a Service program. The products will range from iPhones to Macs because of a strong demand for the products.

“With the addition of Apple devices, HP said it’s aiming to satisfy customer demands for a unified platform that can manage diverse fleets with different device types and operating systems.”  ZDNet reports.


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