14 Feb, 2018

New Report Reveals The Current State Of Workers In The Tech Industry


There’s no doubt that the tech industry is a great place to work in. Not only is it an industry that is constantly growing, there is an abundance of opportunities that professionals can take advantage of in order to make for a lifelong career.

“Every business needs a digital presence to compete in today’s market, and tech workers are in high demand because of it. ” Hired reports.

In order to fully leverage the opportunities that are available for tech professionals, it is crucial to understand exactly what is going on in the industry when it comes to popularity, salaries and other consistent trends that can be found.

Hired has released a new study that reveals all insights and trends from the tech industry. It provides first-hand insight into this growing industry and provides professionals with a vast amount of knowledge that ultimately helps them make the right business decisions.

“The Hired report is a reminder that while tech jobs have many points to laud, including high salaries and wide-ranging benefits, the industry realizes there is work to be done.” CIO Dive reports.

Locate Your Industry

According to a new study conducted by Hired, transportation, education, and communication are the best industries that tech workers can find themselves in. This comes as little surprise considering these industries all are progressing and need a digital presence to do so.

Salary Matters

The report released by Hired also revealed where tech workers can make the most money, salary wise.  It turns out that the highest paying tech job is in the transportation industry, with a salary of $145K. The lowest salary found in the report is the financial services industry, with a salary of $115K.

“Surprisingly, we found that specifically, transportation technology companies offer an average of nearly $20K more to tech workers than technology companies.” Hired reports. 

Among the other sectors in the report were education, communications, retail, technology entertainment and healthcare. All of these industries are experiencing a growing demand in the tech industry, and professionals are benefiting greatly from it.

The most in-demand skills included JavaScript, Java, and Python as well as Designers and product managers, being the highest paid position.

“Product management roles were offered the most on average, while JavaScript, Java, and Python are the most in-demand skills. Designers saw the largest jump in average salaries between 2016 and 2017 (8%), but still earn about $8K less than the average tech worker.” Hired reports.

Younger tech workers are reported to be undervalued and accepting of lower salaries, even if they are offered higher. As they become more experienced, they are prone to receiving raises and more benefits.

Gender & Race Gap

Among the findings in the report, Hired found a negative theme of gender and races still being discriminated against in the tech workplace. Inequality has been reported to be prevalent in higher ranks for women and minorities.

“White candidates on our platform ask for the highest preferred salaries in the US and receive them; the average white candidate in the US asks for a preferred salary of $130K and ultimately receives an average offer of $136K. Black and Hispanic candidates on the platform set their preferred salaries lowest ($124K), but black candidates ultimately receive the lowest average salaries ($130K).” Hired reports.

White workers are making a higher average salary compared to workers from other races. This proves that there is an ongoing issue in the tech industry involving inequality among race. This has been a popular topic of interest among professionals, and one that is concerning as well.

It is important for the tech industry to continue to move efforts towards more of a diverse spectrum of people. Not only does it allow for a well-rounded work environment, it also brings different backgrounds and perspectives to the corporate culture.


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