13 Feb, 2018

Samsung Integrates Technology Into New York Fashion Week With VR


If you have logged onto any social media outlet, checked a newspaper, magazine or turned on the TV, you probably know that it is that time of year where celebrities, fashion designers, influencers, editors, photographers come together to bask in all that is: Fashion Week in New York City.

This week is not like any other week in New York City. Of course, on any given day you run the risk of running into a fashionable celebrity or influencer on the streets of NYC, but this week is different. This is a week that is designated to all of the most popular and famous brands and people in the industry.

Brands are put to the test during this week to reveal all of the trends that will be shaping the up and coming months of fashion. This gets consumers, celebrities and everyone in between excited for what is to come.

If you have no interest in fashion, that’s okay. I don’t blame you. I can take one look at the models sporting different styles down the runway and I tend to get overwhelmed myself. What may interest you, however, is just how much technology it takes for brands to successfully engage with their audience (in this case, a room full of A-list celebrities) and also grab the attention of onlooking consumers.

Thanks To Samsung, Technology Has A Place In Fashion Week

Yes, technology has a place in fashion week. Not only does it have a place during this week, but it helps make this week successful. Samsung proves this to be true, by playing a large role in different components of this week. Do you ever wonder how the tech-obsessed journalists keep a charged phone during this week? Sure, they are constantly snapping photos, engaging on social media, emailing, so that tends to take a lot of juice out of electronics. Samsung is here to help.

Fortune reported that tech giant Samsung will have a “low-key but consistent presence at New York Fashion Week” by providing press lounges with extra battery juice. But it does not stop there. Virtual reality (digital transformation!) is making its way to fashion week as well, thanks to Samsung.

With the help of FTL Moda, an electronics maker, both companies will be able to stage shows for New York Fashion Week which gives audiences a chance to experience a digital fashion presentation.

“Neha Singh, founder and CEO of Obsess VR, the startup behind the virtual reality software being used for show as well as building a VR shopping platform for fashion, says virtual reality will elevate the fashion industry to a level that’s not possible with other digital mediums today.” Fortune reports. 

VR is expected to make consumers feel like they are at the front line of fashion shows. This interactive experience has the ability to change the way designers carry out operations during this week. The retail experience is only moving further towards a full-blown technology experience, and Fashion Week is getting a glimpse.


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