12 Feb, 2018

How Brands Are Telling A Love Story With Valentine’s Day


Oh, Valentine’s Day, a time where love is in the air. Friends, colleagues, family members, couples and everyone in between are called to express emotion to each other in unique ways. Most of the time, this emotion is expressed through the act of purchasing something like a card, flowers, candy, you name it.

“Last year, Valentine’s Day sales totaled nearly $20 Billion in the U.S. alone.” Business2Community reports.

This means that marketers are presented with a unique opportunity to build an emotional relationship with their brand and customers, in order to be on the front line of purchasing decisions.

Start With Understanding Your Customer

In order to be emotionally connected to your customer, brands must attempt to understand them. This means knowing what your customers are shopping for and what products are most popular among a large consumer base. Once you understand this, then brands can create different efforts in order to effectively target customers.

“As a retailer, you need to make sure that your customers get their hands on the right present. This starts with being attuned to the tastes and preferences of your customers. Make sure you know what they want and then stock up and merchandise accordingly.” Vend reports.

Following your customer’s journey can be a good way to accomplish this task because you can fully understand what certain people are looking for, depending on who they are engaging with on the holiday. This involves getting to the heart (no pun intended) of the customer’s buying behavior.

According to a study done by Blue Mountain Media, “9 in 10 of people who observe Valentine’s Day will buy a gift for a romantic partner.” Along with romantic partners being the most prevalent spenders, men also spend more money during the holiday compared to women. These are among the many different factors to look into while understanding your customer base.


So, now you know what your customers want. You have already completed the first step in Valentines Day marketing 101. Now, you must know how to properly engage with your audience in ways that will actually grab their attention, and best of all, result in a purchasing decision.


Brands can benefit greatly from promotions before and on Valentines Day. Promotions give consumers incentives to engage with a brand, as well as keep up with competitors and their prices. So, using holiday-specific promotions throughout campaigns is a good opportunity for retailers.

“…according to a 2017 survey by the NRF, nearly 49% of consumers said they would spend more if they encountered “a really good sale or promotion.” Vend Blog reports. 

It is no secret that customers love good deals, such as free giveaways or discounts on products. As a retailer, you can start with a valuable promotion that is suitable for all customers.

Choose Your Channel

Finding a channel to reach your customers on is an essential part of your marketing process. For example, delivering your customers a message will only be effective depending on the channel that you choose to use. Email campaigns tend to be popular with customers during Valentine’s day, along with other initiatives like social media.

“Now, you have some destinations to send shoppers to. Send out email campaigns that put your shoppers on the easiest path to conversion. By directing email traffic to relevant pages on site, you should see a significant increase in both sales and conversion rates.” Business 2 Community reports. 

Think Outside The Box

Of course, Valentine’s Day surrounds around couples and those who are expressing emotion to others. As a retailer, thinking outside the box can help when it comes to pushing marketing campaigns. Think about the single people out there and market to them with your product in a way that will entice them to be interested in your brand.

It also doesn’t hurt to think about the people out there who wait until the very last second to take care of Valentine’s Day gifts. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and professionals should understand this.

With all of this being said, who wants to buy me some chocolate?


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