07 Feb, 2018

#TruthAboutTech Is Trending On Twitter… Here’s Why


When I noticed the hashtag #TruthAboutTech trending on Twitter, I was immediately intrigued as to what force was working behind this movement. Of course, anything technology related triggers my interest, but this was different. Mainly because those three words represent a universal question that many consumers face: what exactly is the truth behind technology?

A group of former Google and Apple employees is seeking to put an answer to that question.

Are We Addicted To Technology?

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere. If you walk down the street, sit down on a train, look around your room at this very moment, chances are someone is using a form of technology. Welcome to the year 2018, where this reality is prominent and only increasing.

When it comes down to it, technology can work as a huge advantage, making operations for enterprises more effective and agile. Aside from business, consumers are faced with a uncertainty about technology, especially those who don’t exactly know the truth behind the effects of it.

These people, 80 million consumers to be exact, turn to Common Sense, a nonprofit organization that works to help educate and inform kids about smart social media choices. This is the organization that is behind the hashtag #TruthBehindTech, a movement raising awareness about the negative effects that technology has when it is not used for a common good, especially when it comes to kids using technology.


Common Sense and The Center for Humane Technology are partnering together to create a campaign that works as an advocate for families and kids in the evolving digital age. This new group is supported by former Google and Apple employees, who have been outraged by the major tech companies from silicon valley racing for success without thinking about who is at risk from digital addiction.

“It will serve to educate and inform consumers about the pitfalls of current technology through a consumer ad campaign, and outreach to 55,000 public schools in the U.S. The effort will include industry legislative and regulatory lobbying efforts, according to Common Sense CEO and founder James P. Steyer.” CNN reports.

Today, a press conference will be held in Washington D.C. which reveals how the tech industry is continuing to produce products that have an intense negative impact on consumers, in particular, children growing up in the digital age. The truth behind tech, according to the advocates, includes a hindrance of simple skills like critical thinking, and a lack of development.

This campaign is working to “amplify our concerns about digital addiction, provide a roadmap of solutions, and recommend how best to respond.” 

James P. Steyer, CEO, and founder of Common Sense is leading this movement alongside Tristan Harris, who is a former Google design ethicist as well as Roger McNamee, a former Facebook investor and advisor. They bring a first-hand insight into the issues that technology is causing in the lives of young people and are working towards bringing awareness to this issue.

“The most powerful tech companies in the world are making deliberate decisions that do great harm,” said Tristan Harris, an ex-Google employee, who is part of the campaign.” Independent reports.

Not only will Common Sense bring awareness to this issue, the organization will set out to develop and conduct research that further indicate the threat that the addiction of technology has on consumers, as well as come up with new strategies and awareness that will regulate large tech companies as they continue to create products.

Social media is also a topic of awareness through this movie. What are your thoughts on digital addiction?


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