05 Feb, 2018

The 2018 Super Bowl Advertisements That Made An Impact


Another Monday is upon us, but this Monday is different than most. This is the Monday after the Super Bowl, and I think it is only fair to dedicate a post to the winners, and the losers (sorry Patriots fans) that we saw during this big time television event.

Whether you missed the big plays of the game because you were too focused on the food (I may be guilty of this) it is still important to understand the marketing opportunities that brands are faced with during this anticipated event.

Brands Expressed A Message

A major theme that many consumers were talking about before the Super Bowl is the idea that brands will use the current events that we see such as politics, the #metoo movement, just to name a few, in the Super Bowl ads. After all, what better way to relay a message to your audience than during an event that draws in 114.4 million Americans, and counting.

Brands like Kraft, T-Mobile, and Toyota all took an aim at expressing the importance of diversity in their advertisements.

“It was a much more upbeat commercial atmosphere than last year,” said Chris Chase, an attorney for Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz who represented some of the advertisers buying time in the game.” La Times reports.

Kraft Uses Diversity Through Family

Kraft exposed the beauty of families watching the Super Bowl using the lens of diversity. The ad included all kinds of unique families watching the big game. The ad begins with the words “You showed us how you family, so now we are showing the world.” It then flashes to customers who have submitted footage of their families to Kraft.

The videos show a wide range of individuals expressing themselves through humor and whatever else they find special to them.  Kraft has leveraged the idea of diversity in America to express a strong message through narratives and visual components during the Super Bowl. It was an overall home run, I mean, touchdown for the brand.

Coke Is Shared By Many

Coke released an ad during the Super Bowl that showed diversity through people from all over the world drinking the coke product. The 60-second ad exposed different walks of life enjoying a coke. According to CNN, the narrative went like this:

“There’s a Coke for he and she and her and me and them. There’s a different Coke for all of us … We all have different looks and loves and likes and dislikes too. But there’s a Coke for we and us and there’s a Coke for you.” CNN revealed. 

The advertisement used a creative approach to expose all the different types of people who drink coke, which is a unique way to spread a message of diversity to audience members.

Stella Artois Calls For Initiatives

Matt Damon joined Stella Artois in an advertisement that projected the value of clean water, and how important taking initiatives surrounding this global water crisis is. Celebrities expressed the support for this movement through social media, revealing the ins and outs of the campaign and how to support this movement.

This advertisement showed just how impactful celebrities can be when it comes to expressing support for a crisis.

All in all, the wins of the Super Bowl had everything to do with brands taking advantage of their position in order to achieve awareness of what is important to them. This proves to me, and the world, that global companies are using their power to try to make the world aware of what is going on.


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