Our Survey Reveals The Priorities Of Business Leaders From Retail & Marketing


With our Digital Retail and Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly rapidly approaching, we sought to find out how our attendees feel when it comes to topics in their industries. It important to understand what the priorities of our attendees are, in order to gain first-hand insight into what trends are shaping the leading industries.

According to our data, both marketing and retail professionals agree that they feel strongly about 5 common trends in the retail and marketing space.

Using Data And Technology To Create A Unified Strategy That Personalizes Customer Experience Across Digital And Retail Platforms

Both marketing and retail professionals agree that using data and technology is helpful in order to create an optimized customer experience across platforms, both digital and retail. This essentially means marketers will use the data that is provided to them through their own resources in order to target customers in a personalized way.

Personalized customer experience is a huge trend for professionals because it is a great way to increase loyalty and revenue from an audience. According to Forbes, personalized experiences are something that the new demanding customer is looking for more and more.

“New research proves that consumers are expecting, if not demanding, highly personalized experiences. And the good news, for those businesses that can deliver, is that customers are typically willing to spend more when they receive such custom-tailored service.” Forbes reports.

The key to successfully achieving personalized customer experience is following a strategy to completely understand the customer. This can be accomplished by incorporating data and analytics into business operations. Data can show what works and what doesn’t, what customers are looking for, and what they turn away from.

Creating A 360 Degree View Of The Customer To Enable People Based Marketing Across All Channels

Gaining a 360-degree view of customers is a common goal for marketing and retail professionals. This basically means using resources such as mobile, social media and other touch points that customers interact with in order to derive insights about customers that can help implement the necessary strategies to target them.

The knowledge that professionals aim to gain from having a 360-degree view of customers, is to understand more deeply what they are purchasing, who they are interacting with and what they are looking for in a brand. Once again, using big-data is the most effective way to carry out this goal.

Omni-Channel Digital Experiences And Personalized Communications

The idea of using an omnichannel experience emerged when customers began using multiple channels while interacting with brands. Once customers began to use digital to components while engaging with a brand, professionals had to adapt business strategies in order to reach this customer through the new dynamic journey in a seamless way.

“The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a brick and mortar store and the experience would be seamless,” Hubspot reports.

Omnichannel strategies approach the customer in a personalized way, and it seeks to meet the needs of the technology that is being used on a daily basis among customers. Professionals are faced with a real challenge if they do not allow their business to have an omnichannel approach that targets mobile, tablet, desktop, and physical experiences. Not only do they have to coexist alongside each other, but these experiences have to work together. That is the key to achieving omnichannel experiences.

People-Based Marketing

Marketers who are attending our assembly agree that people-based marketing is an important priority for professionals in the sector. This comes as little surprise, considering the customer journey speaks volumes when it comes to what campaign decisions to make as marketing professionals.

“People-Based Marketing allows brands to become proactive — creating a marketing strategy that’s ready to meet the user wherever he/she chooses to engage,” BounceX reports.

People-based marketing centers around individual customers, while using (you guessed it) real-time data in order to have an understanding of where the customer is engaging with the brand. BounceX reveals the importance of people-based marketing and the logistics behind it.

Predictive Intelligence That Powers Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Professionals believe that targeting customers in a cross-channel approach is a priority while using predictive intelligence as the force behind it. Using big data, marketers are able to accurately predict their customer’s behavior in the future. This makes it easier for professionals to shape strategies and campaigns that will successfully reach their desired audience.

According to Salesforce, predictive intelligence has been successful in the industry.

“On average, predictive intelligence recommendations influenced 26.34% of total orders. When analyzed over a 36-month period, we see that the total orders influenced increased from 11.47% at the beginning of predictive intelligence use to 34.71% after 36 months.” Salesforce reports. 

Both marketing and retail professionals revealed that achieving customer engagement while using resources like data, predictive intelligence and analytics is a priority that can be found in business operations. All in all, these trends are sure to be a topic of discussion during the Digital Retail and Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly.


C-Level experts from across North America’s retail industry are coming together February 15-16, 2018 at The Park Hyatt Aviara in San Diego, CA to anticipate the highly complex digital environment that will develop over the next few years.

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Retailers are uniquely positioned to leverage new digital technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and more to deliver enhanced, personalized customer experiences.

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