01 Feb, 2018

This Week’s Publication Review Focuses On New York Tech News


Happy Thursday! If you have been reading Digital Diary weekly, you know that Thursday marks the day where we review an online publication that makes a difference in our work day. These publications reveal insights from the popular industries we all know and love, and those who make a large impact in society.

Between the industries, we work with, like marketing, finance, retail and healthcare, online publications play an important role in the information and insights we receive. These insights help make business decisions better and more informed.


“AlleyWatch is the largest organization focused on the New York technology, startup, and entrepreneurial ecosystem with a global readership of highly affluent and educated individuals across 200+ countries.” AlleyWatch reports.

AlleyWatch is a publication that centers around New York and all that technology startups have to offer. The goal of this publication is to be the first thing that entrepreneurs and other business professionals read while trying to stay up to date with digital media taking place in their market.

The posts you can find on AlleyWatch offer advice for business professionals in an abundance of professions.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 9/10

AlleyWatch is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to business advice, and this knowledge comes from up to date and recent insights. This publication offers news about what is happening in the industry around New York, such as startup news, funding reports and other news like cybersecurity threats and predictions.

Since this publication is offering readers insights surrounding around a particular place, the insights found online are up to date and recent.


Digial Diary Review: 9/10

AlleyWatch offers readers informative and insightful posts, full of lengthy and credible information that can help business professionals move forward in their industry.

Not only does this publication shed light on startups, it reveals influential people in New York that are making a large impact in their industries. AlleyWatch refers to this as “Tech and the City” and it is featured on the main page of the website, which brings you to a list of people making a real noise in their industry. This is a special and unique feature that we find helpful.


Digital Diary Review: 9/10

AlleyWatch can be found on social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms consist of feeds that provide readers and fans with up to date updates of the publication. This makes the information on AlleyWatch accessible and easy to find, which is a great feature to any online publication.


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