31 Jan, 2018

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?


Before you begin reading this post, answer this question: Do you know where your cell phone is right now? Is it near you? If so, could you tell me every app or at least 5 apps on it? The 5 that come to mind are most likely the ones that you use the most. Which leads me to the point that cell phones are basically our third arm.

That was a stretch, and somewhat of a (bad?) joke, but nonetheless, mobile phones take up a ton of our time on a daily basis, especially the apps we choose to download and use on a daily basis. So, as a business, why would you neglect using this tool to reach your customers?

“In 2016, users downloaded over 90 billion apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play, and they spent nearly 900 billion hours in apps.” App Annie reports.

Mobile Apps For Business

No matter what your business is, a mobile app is a tool that has the ability to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. It is a way to interact with your audience in a quick, effective and on-demand way. After all, customers these days are all about effectiveness and access to services and products quickly.

“Businesses from all corners of the world, offering a ridiculous range of products, have begun migrating from the physical world of handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and hanging billboards, to the mobile realm.” Buildfire reports

When your business has the ability to offer a mobile app to customers, it means that customers can trust that your business is reliable and reachable just by the swipe of their phones.

No Matter The Industry, Mobile Apps Matter

Mobile apps are important for every industry, not just those where you would typically see an increase of apps, like retail, for example. Apps have emerged in different sectors like healthcare, and have been a great success for companies like Walgreens.

Walgreens provides a mobile app for customers and according to a recent report from Delivra, 40% of the drugstore’s total traffic comes from the app. But, why? For starters, customers are met with features on the app that help make healthcare needs, like refilling a prescription, easier and agiler. The app connects the customer to the Walgreens pharmacy and creates an increase in customer service. Win, win for everyone.

Speaking of retail, mobile apps have been a huge hit for companies like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Target.

“During that month (2017), 134.44 million mobile users accessed the Amazon app. Walmart had a monthly mobile app audience of 82.54 million users.” Statista reports.

Those users all had one thing in common: they sought a need for quick and responsive customer experience.

Where To Begin

If the points above convinced you that your business would benefit from an app, I’m sure your next question is: where do I begin? Even though the question is pretty complex, it comes with a pretty simple answer.

First, going to the drawing board of creativity will allow you to brainstorm ideas for your app, such as the vision you have for your business and who you want the app to reach. Getting all team members on board is a crucial part of this process, and it will help greatly when the app comes to reality.

Once you have an idea of what you want your app to consist of, figuring out a platform that can help you create your app. Luckily, Life Hacker put together a list for you. These platforms push the app creation forward, and can set you up with the right tools needed to succeed. If you don’t know how to code, this could help you greatly!

Once the app is created, you’ll need a strong marketing strategy that will push your app to your market. This means gaining exposure of the app so it receives an optimized level of downloads. Soon enough, your app will be ready to go in no time.


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