Enterprises Must Acquire Tech Talent To Adapt To Digital Transformation


It is no secret that artificial intelligence is disrupting leading industries and the roles that professionals play in these industries. With this new digital transformation tool, comes benefits, but also risks.

Artificial intelligence is brought forward by digital transformation, and that is exactly what it does. It transforms traditional business operations and pushes efforts toward a more digitally focused scope. Not only does AI affect all of this, it also calls for a different kind of employee, one that is trained in artificial intelligence and possesses talent in this complicated field.

“The global war for artificial intelligence (AI) talent is raging, with tech giants fighting it out to hire the brightest minds in the field and use them to take their platforms into unchartered waters.” Business Insider reports.

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, and Amazon are interested in hiring people with tech expertise, in particular, AI.

A New Talent Hunt

Nearly all technology applications will incorporate artificial intelligence into operations, according to PwC, CEOs reported that top executives believe that AI will make rapid advancements and consequences, impacting every facet of businesses. In fact, the advancements will be so severe that the industry will gain $15.7 trillion by 2030.

“As machines continue to assume many of the tasks that once depended on human agency—such as driving a car or making a decision—we find ourselves looking toward a future in which nearly all technology applications will likely incorporate some form of artificial intelligence (AI). It has already changed the trajectory of scientific research, enabling new creative and technological milestones.” PwC reports.

Since AI is making such advancements, it will result in a lot of disruptions as well. This means that businesses must gear up and be ready to effectively emerge AI into their businesses, which will take employees with unique skill sets. Since AI is the future, businesses must prepare and the fight for tech talent is increasing.

In order for businesses to successfully integrate AI talent into the workplace, professionals can follow a few simple goals provided by PwC:

  • Defining who will lead and be accountable for AI initiatives
  • Identifying people in your organization with AI expertise or going outside your organization to recruit talent
  • Determining where AI can add value or address pain points
  • Using AI to enhance the capabilities that are most critical to business success
  • Improving decision-making and other processes with automated intelligence

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a growing field. The amount of talent in the pipeline is not nearly enough to meet the demand as more and more companies turn to AI solutions.”

Conquering A Skill Gap

The demand for tech talent is driven by the fact that enterprises are using data more than ever to drive decisions and understand their own enterprise better. Most industries analyze data and use it for business operations. The catch is that having skills in data is not considered specialized anymore, but rather, necessary. Most professionals are called to understand where data comes from in order to assess and make decisions.

The more companies use data, the more the volume of data will grow, which means that the need for experienced employees increases as well. This means that college students will be forced to put an effort forward that trains them to be able to work with data in order to be employed by enterprises interested in moving competitive efforts forward.

Tableau put together a report in 2016 that reveals the state of data education in the United States.

“All but seven of the top 150-ranked national universities by U.S. News in 2016 offer formal analytics programs. Of those seven universities, only one is ranked in the top 75.” Tableau reports.

The challenges that these Universities face lies in the fact that many teachers are not equipped to teach the skill sets needed to tackle data. Since most of the programs that are offered through universities are newer, which can be presented as a challenge for professionals to jump on board.

Experts have increasingly talked about a skill gap in technology, ever since the rise of cybersecurity has appeared in industries, and as stated before, the fact that artificial intelligence is making such a large impact on business. Now, professionals are putting their focus on hiring people who are experts in this category.

Keeping Up With The Speed Of Technology

As enterprises continue to hunt for talent in tech, in particular, AI talent, it is important for executives to be familiar with a few things first, in order to look out for specific things. After all, since these professionals are in such high demand, they may end up with a few offers from a variety of enterprises. So, how does yours stand out?

“To close the candidate, a company needs to differentiate itself. In addition to compensation, culture and other general fits criteria, AI talent tend to evaluate offers in the following areas.” Topbots reports.

According to Topbots, professionals in the tech sector do not like dealing with cleaning data, and they find this the most tedious. As an enterprise, it would be important to establish what the person would be doing if hired. Clear communication is key!


As more and more businesses look to digital technology and strategies to transform their business, CIOs know that data and information technology have never been more important. Understanding the convergence of mobile, social, and cloud is the first critical step for organizations looking to create opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

With the rise of Artificial intelligence, it is clear that professionals must adapt to meet the needs of the enterprise. This means that hiring tech talent is crucial for the success of businesses migrating into the digital transformation disruption. Since tech talent is in such high demand, focusing efforts in recruiting those who are skilled in things like data intelligence and AI is crucial.

The next step for enterprises is to make sure they are equipped with the right skill sets that are needed to leverage technology tools.

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