29 Jan, 2018

Why The Award Show Season Is A Jackpot For Marketers


Last night, The Grammy’s took place in our backyard of New York City. Celebrities joined together to receive awards, perform music and most of all, appear in tons of media coverage. As the coverage of this show rolls into this Monday morning, it makes me wonder how brands took advantage of the room full of A-list celebrities, all eager to jump in front of the camera.

From the looks of last night, the award show season is just beginning, and off to a great start. This means that brands have a huge opportunity to be first on the scene when it comes to getting their content to a large audience, through celebrity influencers. All eyes are paying attention to the brands and the products that these celebrities are sporting, and if you are a smart marketer, you will take advantage of this (live) spotlight.

“Live events are always a great opportunity for brands to show their human side and create real-time engagement with some character,” says Cory Hartlen, Sprinklr product marketing. Ama reports.

So, just how large is this audience? Award shows like Grammys, Academy Awards, Emmys, and the Golden Globes not only bring in a large viewing audience but also an enormous social media engagement. In just 2016 alone, the Golden Globes gained 1.4 million tweets and 34 million interactions on Instagram.

“The audience for these events is enormous. In 2016, about 24.95 million people watched the Grammys, 34.4 million people watched the Academy Awards, 11.3 million people watched the Emmys and 18.5 million people watched the Golden Globes.” Ama reports.

As a brand, there are a few ways you can successfully reach an audience during the show.

Social Media Is Key

It’s a no-brainer that social media is a key component of any award show. These shows are full of celebrities posting on their personal social media accounts, things like what they are wearing, and what brands they love. From the makeup products they use, to what kind of shoes they prefer, these celebrities grab their fans attention by revealing their favorite brands. This creates a brand awareness for companies, which is key to success.

As far as specific social media handles are concerned, they are to be approached in a different fashion, with the same goal in mind: To achieve brand recognition among an audience.

For example, Twitter can be used to leverage a particular hashtag that can place all content in one place. This hashtag should be creative, relevant and catchy. It is smart to think about what is trending on Twitter, to begin with, in order to have a good understanding of what is popular in the world at the time.

Experts say that brands who use the trending hashtag during the event are more likely to achieve engagement.

Pay Attention

The advantage that brands have during the awards show is the fact that the coverage is live, which means anything can happen at any given moment. Your brand can leverage an impactful moment, if, of course, you are paying attention.

When pivotal moments happen during the show, it creates an abundance of reactions from audience members. This takes place on social media handles, so having someone from your brand paying attention to what is making an impact can benefit you in a great way.

A great way that brands can connect with their audience is to be able to engage with the people who are paying attention to the event. You may get lucky and find a window of opportunity to relay your brand’s message. Don’t forget to show your humorous side while interacting!


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