A Digital Culture Drives Digital Transformation In Healthcare


The healthcare industry and digital transformation have been on pretty good terms lately. We have seen this industry integrate all different types of technology and digital tools, in which, we have spoken about on a frequent basis on Digital Diary.

As we continue to learn more about digital transformation in this industry, it is crucial to consider the kind of culture that is necessary for these advancements in healthcare to move forward. The healthcare industry is experiencing a shift in many ways, and it is necessary for there to be a digital culture attached to digital advancements.

It’s Time For A Digital Culture

Understanding a digital culture is simple. It really just means that the processes and operations found in hospitals are changed while making automated technology more efficient. In order to create a digital culture, professionals can use the data and insights found from within the tech tools in order to make appropriate decisions for which technology would be most beneficial.

Experts are looking towards the healthcare system in 2025.

“Healthcare 2025 is a vision for a new model of healthcare; one that assumes disruption, embraces digital transformation, and promotes patient-centric change. Though there are many long term plans which are in various stages of implementation – Healthcare 2025 will allow healthcare providers to cure afflictions more effectively, to care for patients more efficiently and to prevent frequent occurrence and re-occurrence of illnesses.” HCI Group reports.

Digital transformation has the full potential to succeed as long as it is driven by a strong digital culture. The healthcare tools of 2025 will be fully supported by an innovative and transformed culture.

Where To Begin

A digital culture begins from within. It starts with professionals in the organization to be on the same page when it comes to thinking digital. It starts with an open mind and a strategic plan that is supported by a set of values or beliefs. This means that the organization is connected and can move forward with collaboration.

It is important to ask yourself a few questions that can successfully push the digital transformation forward. Figuring out what tools you need within your organization in order to be as innovative as possible, while still thinking about the goals of the company, is crucial for success.

Assessing your current status as far as what tools you are already working with, and where your employee’s mindsets stand, is one way to push a digital culture forward.

Understanding Technology

“A digital culture is not all about technology, but technology still forms a vital part of the mixture of elements required,” Avado reports.

Embracing new technology is the key to success. Understanding the breakdown of tools that can help your business is crucial. For hospitals, understanding the impact that electronic health records have on patient engagement and provider communication, is the first step you can take before taking the plunge into digital transformation.

“Consumers are happy to acquire health data from wearable devices and unflustered about storing and sharing their data, arguably the most valuable asset in healthcare, to new digital and mobility startups.”  HCI Groups reports.

Since the consumer demand is shifting, the healthcare industries must shift priorities. This means integrating new technology into operations.


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