24 Jan, 2018

Steve Facini Explores Lifelong Learning in the Age of Moore’s Law


One of our Advisory Board members, Steve Facini, CMO & Director of OnDemand CMO, appears on Digital Diary as a guest writer discussing lifelong learning in the age of Moore’s law.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing such great insight with our readers! 

Lifelong Learning in the Age of Moore’s Law Every year at about this time, we each take a few moments to reflect on the year gone by and look to the new year with anticipation – we may even make some resolutions. And while we are contemplating our achievements and challenges ahead, we are also left wondering, where did the time go? If, like me, you are feeling time is passing at an accelerated rate, well, it is. What we are experiencing are the effects of technological advancements impacting every part of our daily lives and the sense of falling behind. Welcome to the age of Moore’s Law.

For those not familiar with Moore’s Law, it was named for Gordon Moore, the research director at Fairchild Semiconductor. In 1965, Moore expressed that microchips would not only be smaller, be more reliable and use less energy than conventional circuits but each new generation would be made cheaper making technology more accessible. And in 1975, he updated his prediction by stating that microchips would double their capacity and speed every two years, a prediction that still holds true today.

In the technological age of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and apps, computers can perform complex operations so much faster and more cheaply than humans can. And if that is the case, how do humans thrive and advance in a world that is leaving them behind? One way to stay relevant in this time of acceleration is to embrace the idea of “lifelong learning.” Being a lifelong learner means working harder, regularly reinventing yourself and obtaining some form of post-secondary education or new skills.” Additionally, it means beginning to change our orientation from “worker” to “owner,” and the business you own is you. So, in order for your business to survive and be successful, you must continue to acquire the skills and knowledge demanded in today’s digital economy.

A great place to begin your skills transformation would be visit one of these site – Udacity, Coursera or MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). In partnership with many US universities and corporations, these sites allow you to pursue cost-effective, web-based and flexible learning certificate and degree programs that can help build your digital skills and remain relevant. So, if you are motivated by the prospect of career advancement and a higher income or you just want to continue making meaningful contributions, then I encourage you to check out the sites I mentioned above and start the process of being a lifelong learner.

As for me, I am planning to take some online courses this year to improve my digital skills so I’m ready when the next break-through technology promises to disrupt our lives. Life in the world of Moore’s Law is accelerating quickly and I don’t want to be left behind, wondering where the time went. Looking forward to meeting you in cyber-class. #lifelonglearning


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