24 Jan, 2018

AI Driven Robots Prove They Are Smarter Than Humans


The robots are coming, the robots are coming. I imagine that is what is going through the heads of the people who discover new insights about all of the advancements that robots are making, which, by the way, is increasing more and more each year.

So, maybe these professionals aren’t screaming that through Silicon Valley, or throughout, China, but it can’t hurt to have a little imagination, right? Instead, these professionals are putting together intense reports that indicate all of the new things robots are capable of doing. These reports show consumers and other professionals what they can look forward to when it comes to the evolution of artificial intelligence.

Robots Can Read…Better Than Us

When I first read the recent article about robots performing reading tests (and excelling at them), I tried to imagine just what the future would hold if robots were able to read on a comprehensive level. My thoughts trailed to this far-off futuristic world where robots can read better than humans, then I realized, wait, that is exactly what is happening in present time. My daydreaming came to a halt.

In a recent test, Alibaba (BABA) and Microsoft (MSFT) concluded that artificial intelligence programs have outperformed humans during a reading comprehension test. Yes, you heard it right. Machines can officially read better than humans, and this is the first time it has ever happened.

“This is the first time that a machine has outperformed humans on such a test,” Alibaba said in a statement Monday.” CNN reports.

The test was conducted by experts of artificial intelligence at Stanford who are dedicated to seeing just how far computers can go, focusing specifically on the reading capabilities that these computers can have. From the recent findings, it seems that these computers are capable of reading on the level of humans and even better.

A Look Into The Future

The fact that computers are able to read better than humans indicates that the future is looking bright for technology, but maybe not so bright for humans in the job force. This concern was brought forward by Luo Si, who if you didn’t already know, is a pretty big deal in the AI world.

According to CNN, Luo Si is the chief scientist of natural language processing at the Chinese company’s AI research, and he has expressed a slight look into what the future holds for consumers if these advancements continue to grow.

“The technology “can be gradually applied to numerous applications such as customer service, museum tutorials and online responses to medical inquiries from patients, decreasing the need for human input in an unprecedented way,” Si said in a statement,” CNN reports.

Although this advancement is huge for the technology world, in particular, AI, it still creates concerns for professionals in many industries, fearing the risk of having robots take over their jobs. We have already seen robots incorporated into different tasks, like customer service in the retail industry, answering questions for customers. This limits the need for humans in a great way.

Of course, instead of fearing technology, it is better to allow it to work in harmony with humans. That is what the scientists are saying, anyway. Since AI is the future, and these advancements are happening now, it seems like we don’t have a choice but to allow robots to make their way into our lives.

This business transformation won’t happen completely overnight, but it is always wise to keep an eye out for news on the latest technology trends. Who knows, maybe your business will benefit from a robot who can read better than us.


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