23 Jan, 2018

Is Social Media The New Television For Marketers?


It is no surprise that social media has a huge impact on society as we know it today. It is pretty much everywhere and is even being integrated into omnichannel business efforts in many industries. This tool has made business professionals question if social media will replace all types of different channels that are used to reach an audience. In this case, television is one of them.

“Viewership is moving away from linear television to go further online. This shift is particularly true with younger audiences, who watch 13 percent less traditional TV year over year and spend more of their time on over-the-top platforms.” Ad Week reports.

Since television is not making such an impact on audiences as it has in the past, it puts marketers in a unique position to target a customer through different channels, thus creating an omnichannel experience.

New Opportunities Rise From Social Media

Neither The Academy Awards nor the Super Bowl broke any rating records in 2017, as viewership is moving away from linear television to go further online thank to the rising costs of cable alongside the increasing availability of content online. Statistics show that social activity around events, like the Oscars is increasing. When TV first came into existence in the 1950s it opened a new channel for marketers. Now “Social Television” is offering a similar opportunity.

The golden age of social media opens up a new era for marketing. This era involves social media, and it is one that is taking off among all industries.

“However, the audience’s attention is increasingly turning away from television and moving toward mobile devices and social media. According to Tubular Insights, 87 percent of millennials are never without their smartphone and 92 percent of them browse on other devices while watching TV programs.” Ad Week reports.

The opportunities that arise from social media have everything to do with brands and the personalized messages that companies can send through these channels.

Leveraging Channels Effectively

Think about it. Brands that do not have to worry about working through TV in order to create an audience following. Social channels allow brands to share messages through diverse social channels that are available anywhere, anytime. Not only does this create an opportunity for brands to be engaging, it reaches a larger audience since social media is used so much on a national scale.

The one thing that professionals need to understand, however, is that customers appreciate visual efforts when it comes to social media. If you think about it, social media is pretty much all visual. If you follow any successful brands on social media with a large following base, you will see that their posts are consistent with a theme that includes both visual and textual components that coincide with the message of the post.

Visual components increase engagement and are a really good way for the brand to express a unique voice to its following base.

“Consumers no longer want to just read about what a brand is doing, but rather they want to see them in action.” Ad Week reports.

How Can Social Have The Same Impact As TV?

TV has been a classic trademark since consumers incorporated it into their homes in the early 80s. Since then, TV has transformed into a multi-million dollar industry. We are familiar with TV streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu and these companies are seen in the homes of Americans on a large scale.

So, with that being said, one could imagine that making social media marketing efforts as equally as impactful as TV could be challenging. Marketers are met with the challenge of making sure that campaigns are up to par with the influence that TV has had.

In order to tackle this challenge, marketers will find it useful to create strong social media strategies by using real-time insights and social behavioral data.

Using Real-Time Insights

Real-time insights take place when organizations are processing large amounts of data and deriving actions from what is found.

“One of the most powerful uses of Real-Time analysis is to see the immediate impact of a social media campaign or individual Tweet or Facebook post (assuming of course that you are sharing a link back to the target site).” 

Social Behavioral Data

Social behavioral data involves taking information from people in order to understand how people interact and work when it comes to social settings. In this case, it would be the interactions people make on the different channels you are targeting.

“With the rise of social media, information sharing has been democratized. As a result, users are given opportunities to exhibit different behaviors such as sharing, posting, liking, commenting, and befriending conveniently and on a daily basis.” Semantic Scholar reports.

Understanding your customer’s social behavior will position you in a place to release the best data and campaigns that will create the most engagement and ROI for your company, which, is the goal, isn’t it? By doing this, you will reach the same capacity of the impact that TV has made on audiences.

Video Content That Resonates

Creating video content is just one step of the equation, but creating content that resonates with your brand is the piece of the puzzle that is most important. It is important to not just make video content, but instead, have that content make a real impact on your audience. This can mean standing up for something important, and making sure your brands message is clear.

Expressing your brand’s message is important for social media campaign efforts. Your brand’s message is everything. It is what creates your audience, it is what you express to the world, and most importantly, it makes your company, your company. In order for your video content to resonate with your audience, making sure that these messages are strong is the first step.

The next step is to focus on the platform you will be releasing this content on. If you are using Instagram, short videos do the trick when capturing an audience. For Facebook, using the different components that are offered can be most beneficial, like Facebook Live, for instance.

Crowd Casting

Marketers can leverage user-generated content by using crowd casting, which is a tactic that can come in the form as a contest, in order to derive results and fix any issues that are found in the marketing strategy.

“Crowdcasting is a problem-solving and idea-generating tactic in which a corporation disseminates details of a specific problem or situation to a carefully chosen group of people for possible solutions. The process is often conducted as a contest. The results may be used to resolve difficult or complex development and marketing issues.” TechTarget reports.

All in all, social media has made such an impact on society that professionals are fearing it has the ability to replace TV altogether. Marketers must understand this in order to successfully target an audience.


The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between individual consumers and brands. This need to think “customer first” has made the marketing function more vital than ever before.

CMOs must learn how to adapt to new technologies in order to create campaigns that successfully meet their desired audience. This means incorporating social media tactics into business operations. In order to successfully do this, brands must use a variety of different tools and methods. Once this is successfully done, social media will have the potential to be as powerful and impactful as television has been since the early 80s.

The idea that social media has the ability to be as impactful as television makes it clear that the marketing industry is moving towards innovative techniques in order to reach an audience.

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