23 Jan, 2018

Does Your Business Need A Modern Cybersecurity Plan?


Any business would benefit from integrating a cybersecurity plan, especially if that business is interested in protecting important data and information from hackers or breaches.

The trick to making sure that this plan is up to par with the latest technology tools is to make sure that it consists of modern capabilities. This means that a modern cybersecurity plan will be put into place, straying away from traditional plans.

Creating A Modern Plan

A modern cybersecurity plan starts from internal practices and works from the inside out.

“But where to start? It starts at the top. IT security should have senior executive support and be a centrally managed function. Next, the budget. At a minimum, 10 percent of the IT budget should be earmarked for the following cybersecurity fundamentals.” SAS reports.

First things first: understanding what a modern cybersecurity plan really is. A modern strategy is different than a traditional one because it includes areas of technology that aren’t part of traditional communication methods, like social media, for instance. If your company is using social media as a factor in business, incorporating that into your cyber security plan will be beneficial and allow your business to cover all aspects of potential fraud.

Education Goes A Long Way

In order to effectively do this, experts say that education goes a long way. Educating your employees about the risk and error that technology can bring into the work environment, will allow them to be aware of how impactful tech can be.

“A formal IT security policy is a must and should be tightly coupled with employee education. The policy need not be overly rigid, but it should provide guidance o the acceptable use of the Internet and resources attached to it.”SAS reports.

In order to properly educate all members of your team, it is vital to make sure communication is clear and effective for all parties. This means making guidelines clear and concise while outlining priorities and goals of the organization when it comes to what employees should understand. Knowing what is a priority can go a long way during the education process of the modern plan.

Test The Waters

The only way you are going to be able to successfully integrate a modern security strategy into your enterprise will be by testing out new softwares that can create new outcomes and solutions for your business. This means being very open-minded will go a long way, as well as having the ability to lead.

Having the ability to lead your team means that you will be able to successfully explain the softwares that are being tested, in order to be a “first line of defense” in your plan. All of this will only be effective if you are aware of your network, in order to fully understand exactly how to protect it.


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