22 Jan, 2018

Here Are The Ads That You Can Look Forward To During The Super Bowl


It is that time of the year again: when two NFL teams battle for victory during the biggest game of the football season. This game is referred to as the Super Bowl, does it ring a bell?

Whether you watch the game to root for (or against) a team, or if you are only interested in the food and beverages that come along with it, one thing that will be guaranteed is the chance for you to get a glimpse of some leading brands attempt to grab the attention of the audience through advertisements. So, that alone is a reason to watch, right?

Leading companies seem to think so. Brands use the Super Bowl as a way to express a message through advertisements, which comes with a hefty penny. Last year, a 30-second Super Bowl ad cost companies $5 million, according to Business Insider.

Yes, this number seems astronomical, but it comes as no surprise as to why companies continue to pay for spots during this highly anticipated day. Advertisements have the ability to reach an audience of 11 million people, which all have the potential to be future customers of the brands seen on the TV screen. Companies have a short window of time to catch an audience’s attention, express a message and sell their product. Seems easy, right?

Right, if you are fit for the challenge. We composed a list of the Super Bowl advertisements that we are keeping an eye on for the upcoming game, so you too, can sit back and enjoy.

“Super Bowl commercials often generated as much excitement as the game itself.” MarketingDive reports.

Hyundai’s Teaser Brings Suspense

Taken from MarketingDive.com

Hyundai, like many companies, released a teaser for the upcoming Super Bowl that gives audiences a glimpse into what to expect from their commercial during the game. Hyundai used social media to kick-start the teaser, which has been reported to be an effective method that creates a high level of customer engagement as well as increase purchases.

Hyundai’s teaser includes a short clip of 90 seconds with words and visuals telling fans that the company will be surprising fans the same way they surprised three heroes last year during the Super Bowl when Hyundai gave three soldiers overseas the opportunity to be reunited with their families virtually during the game in a 90 second commercial.

Only time will tell what Hyundai will do to surprise their fans this time around, and fans everywhere are waiting in suspense.

Skittles Takes An Exclusive Approach

Taken from MarketingDive.com

Skittles’s advertisement during the Super Bowl will only reach the eyes of one person, and nobody else. This person is a teenage boy chosen from California, and he has gained exclusive access to the advertisement, and other fans will be able to live to stream his reaction through Facebook Live, via Skittles Facebook page.

The young man will be questioning the advertisement while eating a package of Skittles. The brand has no intention of ever releasing the original ad to the public, so the only glimpse we will get will be that of the young man’s reaction. Will you be watching?

Pringles Uses Celebrities

Taken from MarketingDive.com

Pringles has announced that two celebrities will be debuted in their Super Bowl ad. Comedian Bill Hader and Rhys Thomas will be featured in the campaign, which will consist “flavor stacking”, a concept that allows customers to stack the chip in order to create different kinds of unique flavors.

This Super Bowl ad will be available through social media outlets, allowing audiences to participate in the movement, using #PringleStack.

All in all, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to during the Super Bowl this year.


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