Our Friday News Roundup That You Will Not Want To Miss


That time of the week is here, it’s finally Friday! As usual, it’s time to reflect on some news stories that have disrupted the leading industries we know and are a part of.

Whether you are a professional in healthcare, finance, security, retail or marketing, we have you covered when it comes to informing you about all the recent news stories that have happened this week.

Since the news is constantly in flux, it’s important to stay on top of the buzz that is emerging in your industry. This can help you conduct business strategy, stay on top of the competition, or simply stay informed about what is going on around you.

Before you kick off your weekend plans, let’s get started with healthcare news.


Aetna Investor Sues To Block CVS Merger

In December, CVS Health acquired Aetna for a $77 billion merger. Now, in recent news, an Aetna investor has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming that Aetna shareholders will be shortchanged if the merger continues. The lawsuit is against executives and board members.

This lawsuit claims that Aetna tried to convince its shareholders to vote for the CVS Health transaction. This lawsuit has many players in the healthcare industry questioning the potential merger.

Healthcare Systems Hacked

Earlier this week, a ransomware attack affected the computers of Hancock Health and Coplin Health, in two separate incidents. This attack occurred after someone stole an employee’s laptop that was unencrypted from their car. This attack also affected Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, potentially breaching important information.

This attack comes as a little surprise, considering healthcare systems have been a target of attacks, and this has increased in the past year.


Pampers Promotes Baby’s Sleeping Habits

Pampers has released a new campaign that encourages parents to highlight their babies sleeping habits, using the hashtag #SleptLikeThis, which resembles the social media sensation of #WokeUpLikeThis, the play on words intended.

This unique campaign puts a new spirit into the joys of having restless babies and has been created to target parents of newborns. Pampers will include celebrity embassadors Nick and Vanessa Lachey to be apart of the campaign. Along with the hashtag, the campaign offers customers a quiz that can help parents discover their children’s sleep patterns, along with a chance to win a years supply of diapers and a nursery makeover.

Ben & Jerry’s Pops Up

Ben & Jerry’s hosted a pop-up carnival in Los Angles dedicated to celebrating the debut of new flavors found in a unique collection that includes non-dairy, truffle and Pint Slice ice cream.  Chocolate Shake It, Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake and Chillin’ the Roast are also among the new flavors that you can find in the new collection.

The carnival was a great marketing tactic to get customers engaged and excited about the new release of the ice creams that can be found in grocery stores nationwide.


Will Starbucks Become A Cashless Store?

Well, the answer is unclear, but we do know that the global coffee chain has launched a new cashless store pilot this week. This pilot aims to allow customers to use a cashless checkout in stores.

The pilot was launched in order to get a perspective from customers, in order to understand if this idea is, in fact, a good one, or will benefit the chain. The results varied. According to Retail Dive, some customers preferred the convenience of it, others worried about privacy issues when it comes to trackable payments. Either way, I’m sure Starbucks will work to perfect this feature, in order to make it a possible reality in the future.

Burger King & Mcdonald’s At It Again

Burger King launched a new product, Double Quarter Pound King Sandwich, yesterday, in hopes to advance in competition against Mcdonalds. Both fast food chains have been competing against each other to receive the most popularity, sales, and consumer following.

Burger King found a new aim at Mcdonalds, by creating an almost exact replica of Mcdonald’s the Double Quarter Pounder. Can someone smell a Twitter war in the near future?


Google Gets Speedy

You remember Google, right? The small tech company that has little effect on our everyday lives? Yes, that was sarcasm, for good reason. The tech giant has announced this week that it will now control 90% of the global search market, by controlling the speed of mobile web pages depending on the ranking of search results.

Google is referring to this new feature as a “Speed Update” and it is set to be put into motion in July. According to Google, this move will only affect pages with the slowest user experience.

“Google said the update applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used for developing them.” Retail Dive reports.

IBM Raises Revenue

IBM has announced an increase in revenue after a tough 2017 that consisted of a 1% decrease year-over-year. The company’s revenue has risen 3.5% in Q4 to $22.4 billion. All three public, private and hybrid cloud saw an increase in revenue as well, coming in at $17 billion, which is a 24% increase year-over-year.


Will Bitcoin Continue To Rise?

On Wednesday, Bitcoin fell four digits and then rose above $11,200, which can be contributed to investors buying into it. Everyone has been waiting with baited breath for when this currency drops and rises. Investors have been turned off to Bitcoin due to scam warnings in South Korea and China.


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