19 Jan, 2018

Here’s How Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry


Believe it or not, there once was a time where fashion experts got dressed in the morning without documenting their outfit for 1+ million people admiring from a device at any given location. During these times, there was no Instagram, no blogging, and no cell phones (I know, right.) Instead, fashion magazines were the way that consumers were able to navigate through the sector, becoming familiar with major brands through glossy pages released once a month.

Although fashion magazines are still highly prominent today, we have come a long way since then. We have advanced in technology and have migrated digital tools into all leading industries.

Retail Becomes Mobile

The fashion industry is no stranger to technology, and those who are active in this sector are definitely not shy when it comes to using tools to advance business functions. Technology made it possible for those glossy magazines to offer online functions for readers, compatible with mobile phones, computers, and digital devices. All of the sudden the influence of fashion became accessible through the touch of a screen.

Once social media began to develop, it changed the game of the fashion industry as we knew it. People were plugged in and paying attention, which then resulted in trends, hashtags, followers, and the hype of being popular on the variety of platforms provided to us continues to grow.

As social media rose, it gave brands the chance to reach the desired audience in a quick and effective way.

Fashionistas: Welcome To The World Of Blogging

As social media expanded, blogs became more and more prevalent. Blogging gives brands a chance to express a unique voice to an audience while gaining exposure through multiple social media platforms. When you log onto a social media platform, at any given time, you can be met with an individual who is promoting their fashion brand and image through visuals and posts that have been taken from their blogs.

Social media allows for these individuals to promote their blog through frequent posts to followers that are accumulated through being active and creating an engaging experience for their followers.

Blogging and social media have changed the relationship between consumer and brands forever. Customers are able to engage with brands on a frequent basis, gaining exposure and a fan base in a unique way. Customers are not only able to engage with a brand, they are able to make transactions through platforms and online databases. Technology has made these interactions effective and agile, eliminating the need for consumers to participate in traditional purchasing methods.

As a result of purchasing methods changing, brands are met with an opportunity to grab the attention of their audience by leveraging the popularity they can gain through the variety of channels provided by social media.

All in all, technology has driven the rise of social media which has changed the way fashion brands reach customers and express brand uniqueness.


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