18 Jan, 2018

This Thursday’s Publication Review Reveals Tech Trends


Happy Thursday! It’s time for our weekly publication review, where we deliver you with informative knowledge surrounding a leading publication that we draw much of our information from. We constantly strive to stay up to date with the disruptive trends that surround all the leading industries, and online publications help us do just that.

We have a few publications that we refer to frequently, which align with the industries we focus on and the message we want to send our readers.

These industries include healthcare, marketing, retail, security, and finance. It is important for us to stay up to date with all the latest trends in these sectors so we can provide you with all of our blogs that always up to date. We are dedicated to being the leader in all things digital transformation and technology, so we know how disruptive it is. This week, we will be reviewing a publication that gives us news surrounding the security sector. Let’s get started!

Network World

Network World is an online publication that is focused on providing business professionals with up to date information that can help them create business strategies and to stay in touch with what is going on in their industry. It was created with the idea in mind to help businesses reach their full potential while relying on a valuable source to make important decisions.

“Focused on the decisions faced by data center managers who must build out agile infrastructure and extend their networks to embrace the internet of things, Network World is an invaluable resource in helping enterprises meet strategic business goals.” Network World reports.

Up To Date

Digital Diary Review: 9/10

Network World posts frequently, multiple times a day. Although compared to other publications, Network World does not provide the time and date on the front cover of the articles, so in order to find out when the content was released, you have to click on the article. Then, you will be provided with information about when the article was published.

This gives the reader a keen view of how up to date the information found in the article actually is. For professionals who are molding business decisions based on this information, it is helpful to know just how recent the news is.


Digital Diary Review: 10/10

What I personally find interesting about the content found in the articles on Network World, is the fact that the article titles center around information that you may not always find in mainstream publications. Different topics around technology are discussed, and the article is lengthy providing the readers with new information.

The news found on Network World surrounds around major enterprises and any latest updates that take place in the industry.


Digital Diary Review: 8/10

In order to find Network World, all you really need is a Google browser. I found this publication by simply typing popular digital transformation publications into Google. Network World was on the top of the list, which means that it is popular and has a high SEO rating.


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