18 Jan, 2018

Censhare Reveals The Power Of A Semantic Network In Latest Whitepaper


Imagine you are a marketing professional with the ability to understand your customer completely, or as Censhare states, having “the power to read minds.” What would you do with this power? Would you create a successful marketing campaign for your brand based off of the data that you are provided with? Most professionals would think this is a no-brainer and the answer would be yes.

Let’s stray away from hypothetical thinking, in order to gain insights from Censhare’s latest whitepaper. We are now provided with the fact this idea is not so far-fetched, and according to Censhare, it is very possible.

Technology Makes A Difference

A successful brand uses a strategic approach in order to create unique opportunities that target the customer in an effective way. This approach is made possible through appropriate technology that derives important data in order to relate to both the brand and the customer.

Most of the time, professionals are forced to make decisions based on technology that ultimately determines the outcome of specific goals within the brand, such as creating a positive customer experience. Because of this, choosing the right technology approach is crucial to the success of campaigns. According to Censhare, choosing a vendor with the most up to date technology for your enterprise is as important as understanding the software that comes along with it.

“If their network is outdated, it won’t be long before their product is left in the dust. In other words, don’t pick a vendor — pick a technology.” Censhare reports.

As technology becomes more powerful, enterprises both large and small must be equipped with platforms that will enable omnichannel and personalized communication among all channels. These platforms enable the type of management that is necessary while dealing with multiple channels on a large scale.

Semantic Networks Creates Campaign Success

According to Censhare’s whitepaper, professionals should use a powerful network while trying to connect and manage customer data. Understanding where every aspect of the important data comes from, along with all of the factors contribute to it, is something that a semantic network provides professionals.

“The more intuitive a network is to use, the quicker training will be and the more efficient your processes will be, ultimately leading you to being able to use new platform sooner.” Censhare reports

Censhare reports that using a semantic network in your business strategy will create certain benefits for your campaign including:

  • Efficiency
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Successful Campaigns

To see all of the benefits of using a semantic network in your business plan, click here.


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