17 Jan, 2018

The Top Ten Women Leaders In Technology Are The Future


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Behind any enterprise that has successfully incorporated technology tools into operations has a strong leader standing behind strategic business decisions. Technology is no easy task to tackle, and it calls for leaders who are willing to offer the enterprise unique perspectives and goals.

According to Forbes, the roles of executives are constantly changing as technology grows and expands into many industries.

“CTOs are becoming innovation officers, security leaders, and core components of business-minded decisions as the technology on offer takes center stage.”

The emergence of technology has created a new kind of leader, one that must push the enterprise toward a digital journey, while adapting to a changing environment. These leaders play an important role in any brand and can contribute to the success of creating successful experiences for customers.

Women Leaders In Technology

Women are making an impression in the technology industry in a substantial way. The leading women in tech have made a positive impact for major brands, offering unique outlooks that motivate team members to adapt to the digitally fast-paced environment, as well as inspire women everywhere to set and achieve goals in the sector.

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Women Are The Future Of Tech

As we continue into the year 2018, reaching gender equality in the technology industry has become a priority for all leaders. Since the average woman faces a 3:1 male-to-female gender ratio in the industry, it is important to bring light to the fact that women leading in this field are inspiring and redefining a future for every member of the sector.

The women who lead in the technology industry come from a wide range of industries, but they have one thing in common. They are helping brands embrace change and promote an inspiring vision for technology professionals everywhere. To read about how they are accomplishing this, click here.

These women are paving the path of the future for everyone, from girls studying technology in school to women already in the workforce. They are breaking the ceiling of gender inequality, offering the tech industry a new perspective and mindset that will promote change for years to come.

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With our Digital Enterprise Day New York approaching, it is important for us to navigate through these leaders in order pinpoint the women who have made such a strong impact in the industry. It provides us with a first-hand outlook on the goals, inspirations and what the future will possess. Our Women In Leadership eBook consists of leaders in the technology industry who have inspired us and who have created change in the sector. To learn more, you can download the eBook here

You will find testimonials from key players in the industry such as:

  • Elena Kvochko, Chief Information Officer, Barclays
  • Bridget Engle, Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon
  • Deanna Johnston, Chief Information Officer, Shiseido America

And many more…


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